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By lydia_davenport
Written July 25, 2013
My first Imax 3D - and yeah, it was TOTALLY worth it! I haven't been to a theater in..... we'll just say years. I want to go see this one again and again and again! The 3D was very realistic, and I found myself flinching in my seat. The story line was kinda Godzilla meets King Kong of robots, but it really worked!
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Ridiculously loud and obnoxious. This guy did Pan's Labyrinth?

By chermysanskawallahilla
Written July 24, 2013
If you enjoy loud visual noise to the point of nausea, go see Pacific Rim. With a story that weighs less than a pound, silly acting, and loud thunderous noise and visuals non-stop, you'll be wishing you had a barf bag at some point during the movie, if you are like me.
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By azacarias29
Written July 17, 2013
Out of all the summer blockbusters this by far is the most fun I've had out of all of them! Also, this is the only IMAX 3D film so far that is worthy of it since the 3D isn't distracting at all and the IMAX complements a lot of the action sequences. Don't expect this film to be award worthy but come in expecting a fun film with a simple plot, simple and easy-to-relate-to characters, and amazing action sequences. It's not the best acting but I must say Idris Elba was a standout for me in this film. Now as far as those crazy action sequences go? You will be blown away by the scale in which del Toro delivers them. Everything to me was shot just right, from the vantage points of where the Jaegers (robots) are to the Kaiju monsters, to the vantage point of the pilots controlling the Jaegers, to the control room. Everything just flowed very nicely and I looked forward to every action sequence and all were set up so nicely. Let's just say I'll be seeing this movie again!
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Gigantic fun!

By ravenskald
Written July 24, 2013
Giant robots vs. giant monsters. Really that says it all. Yes, parts of the plot are very predictable. Yes, you can see things coming from miles away. Who cares? This movie is so much fun: the effects are cool and believable, the monsters are terrifying, loud, and violent, the heroes act cocky and testosterone-laden (yes, even the women).. and the comic relief bits are funny, scary, gross, and applause-worthy. Watching Pacific Rim in 3-d IMAX is like having an anime feature come to life all around you. Go see it.
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Pacific rim

By Aaronlamdsn
Written July 13, 2013
Pacific Rim is an out of this world experience! Guillermo Del Toro took it to the next level with this one. Saw it on Friday at the IMAX. Go big or go home! Watching it again today!
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