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Pacific Rim: An IMAX 3D Experience Synopsis
Human pilots use gigantic robots in a long-term war against legions of monstrous creatures.

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New York Post

By Lou Lumenick
There’s no shortage of brains, brawn, eye candy, wit and even some poetry in this epic battle between massive lizard-like monsters and...
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By Matt Zoller Seitz
If I were nine years old, I would see the monsters-versus-robots adventure Pacific Rim 50 times. Because I'm in my forties and have two...
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The Telegraph

By Robbie Collin
At first, watching Pacific Rim feels like rediscovering a favourite childhood cartoon – but del Toro has flooded the project with such...
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
Pacific Rim is, hands down, the blockbuster event of the summer — a titanic sci-fi action fantasy that has been invested, against all...
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Time Out New York

By Keith Uhlich
Every monster-movie archetype is here, from nerdy scientists (Charlie Day and Burn Gorman) to hard-stare leaders (Idris Elba) with a...
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Total Film

By Matthew Leyland
A huge, CGI-heavy popcorner that still feels personal. Come for the epic monster-on-mecha showdowns, stay for the likeable humans.
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Village Voice

By Stephanie Zacharek
Pacific Rim is big and dumb in a smart way.
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Richard Roeper
It is a ridiculously entertaining (and often just plain ridiculous) monster-robot movie that plays like a gigantic version of that “Rock...
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By Justin Chang
Although assembled with consummate care and obsessive attention to visual detail, Pacific Rim manages only fitful engagement and little in...
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
The story's appeal is lost in all the fights between the monsters and robots.
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Started From The Bottom, Now We're Here!

By MedRed
The Good: Pacific Rim is an action packed ride with an interesting concept. The robot fighting is far more cohesive and easier to follow than Transformers. The touch of Japanese culture and mech...

Not since Avatar has a movie been worthy of a ticket price for IMAX 3D

By rauledu
It was a fantastic movie, in the way we expect a blockbuster to be. This is not Kings Speech, or Black Swan... Don't expect a deep emotional plot with character development like those two. However,...

Not as good as I'd hoped

By reagan9000
This movie has some striking visuals, and is in many ways a satisfying homage to Japanese monster flicks. It isn't, however, a very deep film - it's no Matrix, Starship Troopers or Bladerunner - or...


By moviemaniacx1979
Pacific Rim is one of the most creative, entertaining and visually impressive movies I've seen since Jurassic Park! Guillermo del Toro masterfully creates a believable, immersive world full of...

Go for the action...

By valentinaivalentini
I saw it in IMAX 3D and that is they way you're supposed to see this movie. Otherwise, the lines are super corny and the storyline is mediocre at best... BUT the music, the effects, the exciting...

Best of the summer

By CharroMS
If you spend any money on an IMAX 3D film this summer (or year), spend it on Pacific Rim. This film was by far one of the best I’ve seen this summer. Knowing only that the movie was essentially about...


By carolinarpg
Well thought out movie with some of the most visually stunning effects I've seen in years. In short, if you liked Transformers 1, you'll love this way more. Great characters, designs and killer...

Summer fun, little else

By brhubart
It's big, it's loud, it has some interesting touches. You can almost smell the producer's anticipation of a merchandising bonanza. But the bottom line is that Pacific Rim is a movie about giant...

Felt Like a Kid Again

By felixh88
I felt like a kid again throughout the whole movie. And yet it has it's rich, deep story, and adrenaline fueled action sequences to hydrate your matured palette. WIth that said, this movie is for all...

Awesome Train Wreck

By blester01
How this movie hit above 70 on Rotten Tomatoes is beyond me. Man of Steel was a much better film. I went for the fight scenes and I left satisfied on that alone. However the rest of the movie was...

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Rated PG-13 | For sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence throughout, and brief language
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says OK for kids 12+ Loud robots vs. monsters movie could have used more heart.
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