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Special Effects rule the day here

By Howie Gee Whiz
Written July 21, 2013
The robot/creature battle action never stops from virtually the first frame to the last. The acting especially from Idris Elba is fine but as there's no character development or intelligent dialog this film has all the emotional involvement of an amusement park ride which is really all it is. As usual kudos to the fabulous special effects team who are the true auteurs of almost all Summer action flicks most especially this one. The director and writers seem quite incidental. I'm not saying you won't be diverted, but you also won't have to think and the film won't resonate past you're getting in your car and driving away. In other words, typical Summer fare.
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Godzilla meets Megatron

By Giftigwolf
Written July 01, 2016
My 14 year old son and I really enjoyed the action and storyline. Quite well done and the 3D version we saw was ideal format for this action movie. Idris Elba was forced into a silly monolog prior to the epic battle scene. He delivered it masterfully and his character was well fleshed out. Charlie Day was my favorite as one of the geeky doctors, though he was compelled to deliver the stupidest politically correct global warming warning (it is what caused the aliens to come back up). Still, he made it plausible and that did not dampen the strong action line. A big thanks to Producers, et. al. for NOT having Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi kiss at the emotional conclusion. My son said this film was Godzilla for us (his generation). When we were describing the story to my wife, she indicated it wasn't a movie for her. Though, both of my daughters (18 & 25) will see it.
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Pacific Rim

By PliskinNYC
Written May 03, 2015
Why haven't more people gone to see this? THIS is what summer movies are all about! Seen it once in 3D and tonight going to see it again but in IMAX 3D. Great visuals, awesome CGI, the robots and monsters look great and the movie is just flat out fun, never takes itself serious yet stays awesome. Go see it before its not in theaters anymore, because if you don't, you'll regret you didn't when your watching it at home.
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a genuine smile.

By easills
Written July 13, 2013
This is best reviewed by one statement. "I found myself just smiling throughout the whole thing." It was amazing. Visually cant be beat right now. The action is epic. I found myself telling my wife the whole movie I WANNA PLAY THIS VIDEO GAME!! (Where is the amazing game adaptation!?) and it would definitely be a GREAT anime series. Some of the story lines are very deep but they go back to the action side of it quickly. Its only 2 hours not a series. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! Its got its little cheesy sequences that make it all the more fun!
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A solid "go see"

By GregGriggs1964
Written July 25, 2013
I liked the film. Usually, big action films go thin on acting but the acting was very good. The directing was perfect and the cinematography was done well. I feared the action sequences would bee too close up as in all the "Transformer" movies, but they kept their distance for the most part which lends to continuity in action sequences. They did well here. I saw it in 3D and felt the movie worked well in the 3D format. The girl who played the lead as a child was absolutely stupendous! Without saying a word she was riveting and practically stole the entire show. There are no small rolls, only small actors, but this small actor was dynamite! The director achieved a real sense of scale. The monsters and the robots really seemed gargantuan. One last technical bit of info: Even the water (which there was plenty), was done very well. It's hard to do water in a monster movie but they pulled it off here with flying colors. The movie was worth the mula.
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