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Special Effects Extravaganza with a feel good story

By bkbains
Written July 22, 2013
Monsters are taking over the earth, humans assemble and go to the rescue. Yes the plot is that thin, but the story, special effects and acting is very good. Its a must go
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Pacific Rim a must see

By Trocky1
Written July 13, 2013
Loved the fast pace of the action. The comedic parts worked great. I'll go watch it again. Watched it in 3D and loved it. Wasn't overdone with things flying at you. Loved the fish in the underwater scene at the beginning, it was like they were swimming in the audience.
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Greatest SciFi of the year

By pbpatty
Written July 18, 2013
This is one of the best movies I have seen this year. This is definitely one of the best SciFi movies I have ever seen. With amazing graphics and fantastic acting. The robots got me pumped!
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One giant ear-shattering explosion

By dannypants
Written August 28, 2014
This movie was one giant ear-shattering explosion. The characters were paper-thin, lots of macho posturing with angry words spoken that you couldn't possibly understand or care less about. I love blockbusters (superman was great, Star Trek was great), and I love Del Turo. But this movie was crap. A few isolated moments of cool special effects, but not enough to save this movie. The volume was annoying and alienating and you could get excited about cool explosions because they were one after another from almost beginning to end. Stay AWAY from this one! Or rent it and fast forward to the cool stuff. Don't sit through the witless dialogue.
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Pacific Rim 3D

By cbcosby1955
Written July 20, 2013
Absolutely fantastic special effects. Will certainly go and see again. Be sure and wait until credits are finished or you may miss a hilarious re-entry of a character!
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