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A sinister security guard (Wes Bentley) stalks a lone woman (Rachel Nichols) in a parking garage.
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By Daydream
Being the only person in the biggest seating, pitch black theater i went to, I was hoping to be thrilled or at least interested in this movie. P2 is a copycat of the movie Red Eye, with Cillian...

Worth the Money

By jeremyoliver
It's quite supsenseful and the cold, dark location of a parking lot makes it more un-nerving. The scenario plays out similar to that of the movie Red Eye (with Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams) but...


By movie_fanatic_1
P2 in my opinion was not as good as it could have been. It has a lot of potential. I thought the acting lacked a little. Wes Bentley done a great job playing the psycho security man. I thought a lot...


By lukesmoove

P2 Review

By Flickchecker92
Of all of the horor movies I have ever seen this was one of the more interesting. I have seen horor movies before like The Amityville Horor, but nothing compares to the feeling of suspence you get...


By DisturbedxCritic
diz mooovay mayde meh haive 2 rUn OuT of DuH tHeaTurr n TaaaKe a ShiAttt i dIINt maYk3 itt 2 dAH baffr00m n i cRaPp3d all oVuh Duh flo! d0nT S33 DIZ MOOOVAY IT B3 A WAST3 UH Y0 M0NAY ANNN Y0U P00P00...

this movie is awesome!!! yea!!!

By sexycrotch
I almost pissed myself! watching this movie! I did poop though! it was wet! ew!...


By llovemoviess
This movie was way to scary for me, but I loved it. It deserves atleast 3 stars and even hought its scary, it will make you laugh. MUST GO!!!...

Loved it!!

By luisremax
This film provided everything I expected. Dark, Suspenseful, Sexy, Psychotic.. All I have to say is Rachel Nichols!! Although their where not enough shots of her T&A.. I was nudged by my girlfriend...


By Dragon_Girl
This movie sucks. i never fall asleep in the movie theater and this movie is the first. it was so boring that i couldn't even stay awake waking this....

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Rated R | For strong violence/gore, terror and language
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Common Sense Media says Brutal, minimalist stalker bloodbath. Pass.
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