Warm and Heartfelt.

By Chefdog03
Written December 12, 2007
I saw an advance screening of P.S. I love you on Tuesday December 11, 2007. I desided to go and see it because it looked like something that might intrest me since I lost my father at a young age. I was right. It starts out very intresting with an arguement between the title characters about family and saying what the other didnt want said. After the title credits you see that gerry has passed away and his widow is heartbroken. On her 30th birthday she get the first letter from gerry with a cake and a type recorder. Knowing gerry is dead, it is really is a surprice and strange but I dont want to give much more away because it is a really great movie that people should see. It really showcases how important it is to feel and be loved at some point or another in life. I give it a 10 out of 10, It truly is a tear jerker at times. It has some really funny parts as well as great acting. A definite date movie for couples or for anyone who is a fan of the romantic comedy.
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Great combination of laughs and tears

Written December 14, 2007
I heard this film had some funny moments, but wondered how funny a movie with a sad premise (husband dies and leaves wife letters to help her get on with her life) could be. I figured it would be more tears than laughs, but I was wrong! At an advance screening on 12/13 the audience laughed, big belly laughs, in many places, and cried in others. What a wonderful vehicle for Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler to prove that they can both do fare that is much lighter than their usual. They are funny and romantic. I actually ended up loving all 3 of the male leads. I was already a fan of Butler (300, Phantom of the Opera), who plays Gerry Kennedy, husband to Swank's Holly, but I came away really liking Harry Connick Jr. and having a bit of a crush on Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Yes, it is a chick flick, but I expect my husband is going to enjoy this one too. I can't wait for the official opening on the 21st, I'll be seeing it again then, and a few more times, I'm sure!
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Why oh Why?

By ink11011
Written December 22, 2007
I really wanted to like P.S I Love You. It seemed to have all the elements for a great movie, so what happened? For one, the movie was much to long for the simple outline it seemed to follow. For two, the characters really seemed very boring. There was so much of this movie that simply could have been cut out. At points in the movie when it would flash back to the past there seemed not to be any real strong connection to the present which most of the movie is set in. I almost wanted to forget all about the present and know more about the past "Holly" & "Gerry" shared. I felt like at the point that "Gerry" dies, which is early on, so does also the movie. It just didn't seem to come to life although Hilary Swank really did her best to put forth the energy to do so. Overall I think this is more a movie to rent than to see in the theater.
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Sweet film

By dianewms
Written December 20, 2007
I was kind of surprised that Hillary Swank did pull off being a vulnerable, heart-broken young widow who managed to maintain her sense of humor after her beloved husband's death. And it was her husband who helped her through it. Sure it's a bit sappy, and it's definitely a chick flick; but it's also a good date movie, and the Irish landscape is gorgeous. I disagree that Swank failed in her portrayal. She pulled it off. Lisa Kudrow was delightful as one of Holly's who was itching to get married and Harry Connick Jr. played his unlucky at love role delightfully as well. Gerry Butler's Irish accent seemed a bit over the top to my American ears, but I believe he probably nailed it for the region his character was from. His comedic timing is spot-on and you so wish he weren't dead!
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By katdlee
Written January 25, 2008
I absolutely loved this movie... It was such a wonderful story, but ohhh so sad. I think i bawled most of the movie.. My friend and I went through a pack of tissues. But it was also very funny... When we werent laughing we were crying..lol . It will make you fall in love with her husband and want to take a trip to Ireland :-) I would like to see this again in the theater and i will also purchase it as soon as its released on DVD for my collection... If you like love stories... GO SEE IT...
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