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Oz Great and Powerful

By haloangel1
Written May 27, 2016
This movie is magical! Even when it begins, you're drawn back to your childhood, watching the 1939 version of The Wizard of Oz. The story falls in line with what you would think of when you imagined how a young Wizard came to Oz. Brilliant color and effects. Each character is acted out, perfectly. I especially loved Finley. This is a must see for every age. I highly recommend it.
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Oz The Great and Powerful - An IMAX 3D Experience might be a bit pricey but well worth it!!

By katiejo58
Written November 29, 2015
We took our daughter and grand-daughter to see the movie Wednesday after school. Seating that time of day is pretty much anywhere you want as not many people go at this time during the week. The beginning credits went a tad longer than I would have liked but once the movie began I knew my money had been well spent. The story line, graphics, and 3D were AMAZING!! My grand-daughter reached out her hand waiting for a snowflake to fall into it, the 3D was that good. As usual, there is no better movie experience than one in IMAX 3D, once you have experienced it you're hooked, no other way of viewing a movie will ever top it. I Highly recommend everyone to spend the extra cash to understand why a movie at the IMAX is above all others. It's as close to actually being in the movie as you'll ever get unless you are cast as an extra. I can't wait for Iron Man 3 to get here!!!
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Remarkable OZ

By kincaida
Written July 05, 2015
I do not know how anyone could have anything negative to say about this film, but I guess its just a matter of personal taste. I am a HUGE WOZ fan and i thought this prequel was perfection! I do not think that anyone could have done better. I am glad Johnny Depp and Tim Burton didnt have anything to do with it! Though I am a fan of Burton and Depp, they would have destroyed this film. All in all, this movie was perfect, I would watch it again and again! I cant wait for the next movie in the series! Oz was remarkable in IMAX 3D and I just may get a 3D tv by the time it comes out on DVD. Dont buy what the critics say, go and see this movie!
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Enjoyable Oz

By Toto's Mom
Written May 06, 2016
Any Oz fan should go to this movie. No, I was not stunned or astounded. However it was beautiful, humorous, faithful to the original, and well cast. James Franco made a wonderful young Oz. Mila Kunis is touching even though this is unexpecting
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You will definitely want your own DVD of the Masterpiece- OZ

By Hugh1
Written September 23, 2014
We loved the film mesmerized from start to finish!! James Franco is nearly equal to great character acting like the phenomenol Johnny Depp. He was perfect as the Wizard with that twinkle in his eye!! The rest of the cast were also excellent! Oz should win the Oscar for Cinematography and Special Effects which were utterly amazing! You felt like you were actually on a Disney ride in some of the exciting scenes. Highly recommend seeing OZ in IMAX Theater- worth the extra bucks and thrilling ride feeling like objects or scary creatures were in your face. The film is for family and adults!! Definitely one of our favorites films ever.
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