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By ggwisconsin
Written February 10, 2016
The 3-D special effects were cool but the movie had no plot. There were parts that were leading up to suspense but then it big effect never came. Was very disappointed that I went to see this in the theater. It would have been good enough for a Redbox rental. The movie was just overall.... really lame for all the major hype.
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Great for kids

By Quartzvein
Written May 02, 2016
Took my Grand kids, ages 9 and 15 and they both loved it - was a little long and dragged somewhat in the middle but excellent family entertainment. Had to buy my Granddaughter the China Girl Doll afterwords, they are very hard to find.
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Great in 3D

By mikedc16
Written June 27, 2016
Few movies are worth the added cost of 3D, but Oz totally was. We saw it in Imax 3D and it was worth the extra cost. The story is good and harkens back to the original movie without being too cheesy. It's a great family choice.
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By xyzluann2003
Written July 24, 2016
Awesome special effects! I thought it showed a great success at a prequel. The subtle ties to the original were awesome. Those flying monkeys...eeeek!!! Loved it Loved it Loved it
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Great family movie

By ddprlewis
Written August 29, 2016
Having been going to movies for years, I wasn't really expecting a solid family movie with Oz. Yes, it was rated PG, but surely there was going to be something inappropriate for the kids. That's not the case though. This is a great family movie and it really stayed consistent with the original Wizard of Oz movie. I highly recommend this movie for Families with young kids (8 and older). There are some scary parts in it, but I would argue that they are really no more scary than the original Wizard of Oz. This is a fun movie for adults as well since it makes you remember the movie that you grew up watching once a year every year when you were a kid. Go, watch, and enjoy!
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