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By BCBass
Written June 25, 2016
It was very noticeable that only 75% of the screen was used. Unused strips of screen were noticeable at top and bottom as dark grey strips of blank screen. The result might have been projected onto any standard wide screen at a lower cost. Because it is a Disney production the 3D and color were as good as expected, however, I kept looking for those geeky homosexual jelly beans that are often slipped into Disney scenes. I didn't see them but am pretty sure they were there. It seems to have become a standard finger print of animators. It was a nice movie for color and juvenile action. The story lines of good and evil, jealousy, ego and unrequited love were a challenge for my 8 and 9 year old companions but they got most of it. My viewing was in Bellingham WA.
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By twoodley1
Written May 01, 2016
Great movie...special effects were good. Saw the Imax 3D version...worth the extra money. Best movie I've seen in awhile. Suitable for older kids...some startling moments in the movie.
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By blondemoment
Written June 30, 2016
One would make the assumption that an actor that can act against a green screen must really know their craft. But that doesn't hold true for Oz The Great and Powerful. Saw it in IMAX 3D and while images were stunning the plot was terribly slow. James Franco was not great, or mediocre as Oz... He was flat and stiff in his characterization. Mila Kunis seemed to be in a trance until she became green, Michelle Williams was "too good" to be true and Rachel Wiez wasn't mean enough or scary enough to be wicked witch. Overall I would say wait til this comes out on the Disney Channel and save the $$$
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Origin of a Wonderful Wizard

By filmhead
Written February 06, 2016
The most unexpected movie to come to the screen in years, this prequel fills in the origin of the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz classic from 1939. Beautifully done, nicely thrilling, and full of fun, Sam Raimi was worked his usual cinematic magic with very good skill. Beginning in black and white like the 1939 classic, the young future Wizard gets transported to Oz much like Dorothy did: in a tornado. Here we meet some new denizens of the magical land not seen in the first movie and some familiar ones too. Though lacking in some depth in backstory and real emotional resonance for the witch sisters, this is nonetheless a successful good movie so take a trip down the yellow brick road but without much of the musical bits.
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Entertaining and Fun for All

By pomeraniangirl
Written May 25, 2016
I really enjoyed this movie. It was entertaining and held my interest throughout. I found the story well developed about the events that led up to OZ becoming the great and powerful. I actually really enjoyed the movie. The effects were above average and I enjoyed seeing it in IMAX. The occasional humor used throughout the movie was well timed and always brought a laugh/chuckle. I thought the lead actors also did a great job in their roles. Mila Kunis was an exceptional wicked witch and then my favorite is always Michelle Williams perfectly suited for the Good Witch. So could not find anything not to like. Great family movie and felt it held my interest as I am an OZ fan and enjoyed seeing how OZ actually did become the Great and Powerful. Perhaps if someone was not knowledgeable of the Wizard of OZ it might be different as there were many hints and reflections of the original movie in this one (making scarecrow masks, the munchkins etc)...
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