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By chaserazvi
Written December 26, 2014
We were expecting an amazing movie. We were not impressed. Too bad. Wait for the dvd, unless you are bent on the 3D experience. The main characters acting is awful. The 3D and CGI are great. The story makes sense, but will not blow you away. could have been so much better. wait for the DVD.
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OZ Fantastic

By movie_lover_gsn1971
Written January 26, 2015
The move is absolutely fantastic. For the best experience, I recommend seeing in IMAX 3D. My son and I went to see and we both loved the file. It repects the work of the original Wizard of Oz movie while creating an abosultely wonderful new OZ experience. One can enjoy the film for the film itself or for its many underlying themes and witty humor. Ultimately, the message that I took away from the film is that anyone can be great and achieve great things in life if they simply believe in themselves and have faith and trust that anything is possible if you just believe. In addition, although it is not always present and many times seem not so, goodness and truth will always prevail of evil and deception. This is a must go, must see movie that sets itself up very well to be a prequal of a future Disney remake of the original Wizard of Oz movie for today's audience and technology but not to take away from the great classiic of the original 1939 film.
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Oz was fantastic!

By Edwardst
Written March 11, 2013
This movie was great! Seeing it in IMAX 3D made me feel like I was in the Emerald City. It is a movie for all ages. Great date night with my hubby of 25 years!!
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Oz was outstanding!

By sfangie
Written March 11, 2013
We took our 6 year old girl with us and we all loved it. We did IMAX 3D. Not sure why it is rated PG13. I was a little leery after reading some of the reviews, but I forgot those guys who write reviews for a living are all idiots that only like tedious movies that win "best picture" but no one goes to see. If you like fantasy, special effects and to be entertained, you will enjoy this movie. If you go looking for Oscar worthy acting, you're in the previously described category with the professional "reviewers".
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Intense ride down the Yellow Brick Road!

By mattfan12059
Written September 21, 2014
Oz The Great and Powerful was great movie! Great cast (James Franco is wonderful as Oz/Oscar Diggs). The story is also very good with some thrilling moments (The Witch's transformation, the flying baboons, Oz's arrival). My favorite character was Finley as he bought a lot of humor. I also loved how the beginning was in black & white and then into color. With wonderful 3D, wonderful cast and characters, and a wonderful story, Oz The Great and Powerful is a great beginning to The Wizard Of Oz!
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