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Oz from opening night

By The Real 007
Written January 25, 2015
The movie was fairly entertaining. Zach Braff did a really good job as the flying monkey and the china girl was cute. Oz just never awed me. I kept waiting for the moment in the movie where I couldn't think about anything else besides what I was watching and it never happened. There were amusing lines and this story stayed close enough to the original without being a carbon copy of the classic movie. I did see it in 2D and after watching the movie, it is obvious this movie was meant to be seen in 3D.
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Not so good

By sean0226
Written March 08, 2013
It was not that good!! I was looking forward to this movie for so long and I'm so disappointed about how fake it looks ... Upset at Disney for letting this come out..... over all the actors and actress are great. Just graphics was bad !!! So sad.
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Disney used a blender

By bldeeyore
Written November 29, 2014
I am a lifelong Disney person. but whoever wrote this screenplay and story had very little creative juices flowing. They used scenes from Judy Garland's Wizard of Oz, Diana Ross' The Wiz, Wicked and every other off to see the wizard show, movie and play. Although the special effects are Disney wonderful and costumes beautiful, the acting is predictable and almost laughable at times.
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Ok, not great

By Asmith519
Written December 18, 2014
The film itself was an interesting idea, being told from the wizards perspective, with a few literary differences. I didn't really like some of the actors, thought their performances were a bit lazy.
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Almost Seamless Prequel

By Ruffbear7
Written December 22, 2014
I read a professional review before seeing the film. He didn't say much about the plot. I anticipated the major plot turns during the film; the writers were heavy handed with foreshadowing (I write plays but nothing produced yet). However, I would have been upset to have known them beforehand. They seemed so evident from the writing. That said, my husband did not expect most of them and he's usually good at predicting endings. My only other complaints are James Franco's speech, which sounds like Brando's a bit and is equally distracting, and the costumes of the three witches, which makes them stand out as modern from the story, other costumes, and general ambiance. Maybe Raimi wanted that? Anyway, now that I've gotten the poor stuff out of the way, everything else about the film from the opening to the ending create a world that hints at the original film warmly but not clumsily and tells a riveting tale with characters that all develop consistently with their roles. A new classic.
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