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Ok, not great

By Asmith519
Written December 18, 2014
The film itself was an interesting idea, being told from the wizards perspective, with a few literary differences. I didn't really like some of the actors, thought their performances were a bit lazy.
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Wait for DVD?

By apk76
Written April 02, 2015
I bought tickets for Oz for our entire family, 7 of us! We were all really excited to see it, previews looked great! Up until the middle of the movie it was slow, punchlines not well thought out & it didn't capture us like we had planned. My father fell asleep & had to wake him up just as he started to snore. Just seemed a bit hokey. And I think we sat through 7 movie previews before the show even started!! For the adults, not like the original, for the kids, they liked it. See it or not, or wait until DVD.
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Disappointed.....poorly executed

By No Accident
Written April 26, 2015
The story-line was good, but the screenplay, acting - except for Rachel Weisz, and directing were aweful! Whoever did Casting should be fired! A good start with design, but no follow-through. For general audiences, as a last resort for those who need to keep busy. Disney does animation very well, but did fail to convincingly transition this fantasy into entertainment.
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Disney used a blender

By bldeeyore
Written July 01, 2015
I am a lifelong Disney person. but whoever wrote this screenplay and story had very little creative juices flowing. They used scenes from Judy Garland's Wizard of Oz, Diana Ross' The Wiz, Wicked and every other off to see the wizard show, movie and play. Although the special effects are Disney wonderful and costumes beautiful, the acting is predictable and almost laughable at times.
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Save your money-Wait for Redbox

By GailSpitzer
Written September 21, 2014
I agree that Oz had some lovely visuals but that was not enough to carry this movie. The main characters were weak and not very enjoyable. With a PG rating, it was not a kids movie or an adult movie. I think the studio should have committed one way or the other. A little girl sitting by me kept her eyes closed and held her hands over her ears 50 percent of the time. And did anyone else want to fix that piece of hair for Michelle Williams??
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