See it in


By drummondjanie
Written December 22, 2014
Actually I fell asleep....we wasted our money!!! Bought tickets to see Imax-3D, but it was sold out and they bumped us down to just 3D. We were not the only ones this happened to!!! Bought them through FANDANGO! Next time I will buy them from the theater! Dissappointed!!!!
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Didn't live up to the hype

By Angelina330
Written March 15, 2013
Going into this movie I had high expectations because I love "The Wizard of Oz", so this may be the problem here, but the people I went with had low expectations and it still failed to meet those. While the movie is visually beautiful the story line was just so-so. It's not engaging at all and the movie really never comes to life. It's a decent way to past 2 hours if you're at home watching it for free on HBO, but it is not worth seeing in the theatres for the price of the ticket.
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By scottnportia
Written May 05, 2015
I have to say as far as a family movie is concerned, I have not been in love with anything on the big screen in decades. This movie changes all of that for me and took me to exciting heights and heartbreaking lows. From ages 6 to 99 I would personally recommend this grand prequil. And most definitely urge anyone with children or without to not miss this epic presentation.
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Take The Kiddies For This One

By Juvi
Written March 09, 2013
Alright, bad news first: The movie isn't as great for adults as I originally thought. Although it is very well cast, and the CGI is amazing, the story itself feels like it's dragged out, and the humor feels like it's trying too hard to be clever, yet falls short and ends up coming off as cheesy, instead. Perhaps I was just having an off day, but I couldn't buy the acting. It just didn't feel real to me. All that aside, though, I could definitely tell it was a big-budget film. The cast was impressive, the CGI was amazing, and I could tell a lot of effort was put into putting it together. It's definitely tame enough to take the kids to, so if you have kids, taking them along would probably make the movie more enjoyable for you.
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Oz The Great and Powerful

By lauradale
Written March 05, 2015
A wonderful family movie. In our case ages 7 through 69 went all together as a family outing and it was a great time!!! The story line was clear and clever, the 3D was stunning and it was not too "intense" (as advertised) for our 7 year old at all. I would recommend it for all ages to see and enjoy!
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