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oz the great and powerful

By lindib430
Written February 28, 2017
terrible let down. if this movie was suppose to happen BEFORE the wizard of oz, then it should have been a prelude to it. the ruby slippers were non-existant. it would have been interesting to see which witch wound up with the slippers, and how and the power in them. for glinda and oz to be romantically involved was so off the wall, it was ludicrous. in the original "wizard of oz", they did not know each other, so how would romance be possible if this movie occured before that? i would not recomment this movie to any true "wizard of oz" fan. the movie as a prequel is irrelevant and very disappointing.
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Oz: The Great and Powerful starring James Franco as..himself

By cruelandunusual1
Written May 24, 2016
Visually amazing. James Franco was flat and it kind of made me wonder if that was really his fault. Terrible script and pretty awkward 'school play-like' acting. I don't know what went wrong in making this into a decent movie. It wasn't terrible, kids may love it for all the visual effects but It was way too corny and unfortunately, it takes you most of the movie to begin to feel like you want to take a sh#t on yourself. After Avengers, I was hopefully about Disney now acquiring a monopoly on all of my childhood entertainment but after this..I remain skeptical on their ability to handle Star Wars. I might buy this when it finally reaches the $7.99 value bin at Best Buy, but only for the Reward Zone Points. MY RATING: C-
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Good but not great

By t_weir
Written July 26, 2016
Beautiful cinematography good story but James Franco just did not fit as the wizard. The witches were good in there roles but the wizard just phoned in his performance. Too bad it could have been epic but it was just missing something.
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Must See

By shayemfrench_85
Written December 07, 2016
I absolutely loved this version of the Wizard of Oz. Since I grew up watching the original over and over, I felt this version had big shoes to fill, but I was not disappointed! It puts a whole new perspective on the story behind the wizard and I felt that James Franco did a fantastic job playing the wizard, and all of the actresses were great for their parts also. I laughed and cried and wanted to go watch it as again as soon as it was over. I will definitely be looking forward to the release on dvd!
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Somewhere in OZ

By happyboy123
Written June 29, 2016
From the opening credits to the end notes the visual effects are quiet impressive. Many of the scenes in OZ are breathtaking. Although the storyline may be a little "stretched", all in all it was a tale well told and easy to follow. And YES some of the flick may NOT be suitable for the young ones (not to many). Do go especially if you love Disney, 3D, and/or fantasy.
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