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Oz The Good and Entertaining

By MedRed
Written February 24, 2017
Oz The Great and Powerful has great things going for it. The visuals were vibrant and beautiful.The CGI is really good. This movie has the best use of 3D I've seen outside of an animated film (better than Avatar). It's worth an IMAX 3D ticket. The supporting actors (especially the CGI characters) are excellent. Their dialogue, believability, and comedic relief are top notch. They make this movie very playful and fun! So what's not so great? The main characters. Their acting, dialogue, and interactions come off as acting 101. There is very little character development. Franco's character comes off as one dimensional to a fault. Mila Kunis is not believable in her role at all. It's a shame that the main actors do not capture the whimsy of the original Oz movie. Despite this, this movie is worth seeing. Just don't expect a masterpiece on par with its inspiration. There are no scenes during or after the credits. If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back
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Great 3D Effects

By Bearfist
Written April 27, 2017
I'm not sure if it will be the blockbuster they're hoping for but then I thought John Carter would be successful... Anyways, a bit slow in some parts but overall a good movie with sometimes great scenery. I enjoyed the cast--especially the good flying monkey. I do recomend it for kids and families although the flying baboons are pretty heavy monsters. Strong suggestion: See if the theater has regullar, square lensed 3D glasses. The "cool" special OZ glasses are round and made my eyes hurt. Luckily I had a regullar pair of glasses and it made a big difference.
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A fantastic beginning to the Oz story.

By relfaithsp
Written March 30, 2017
OK, to answer critics. If you're looking for action and explosions every second, go see something else. If you like the original Wizard of Oz, and you understand that this is a pre-quel based on the book of how the Wizard got to Oz and came to be who he is, then this is a fantastic family friendly movie that you will absolutely love! I saw this twice yesterday and picked up on a lot of great things that I missed the first time around. James Franco is great as a sleazeball magician who has to find the good in himself and help others. Zack Braff steals the show as the extremely funny and heartfelt monkey, and the story of how the Witches came to be who they are, and the deception involved is fantastic. It's another great journey down the yellow brick road without all the singing. I really enjoyed the dramatic take and the visual effects are incredible. A small tribute I almost missed is that the girl that the Wizard leaves behind in Kansas in the beginning is Dorothy's mother :)
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This really worked for me!

By pedsarq
Written February 23, 2017
What a great expansion (also technically a prequel) to the original The Wizard of Oz story/movie. Franco does a terrific job of playing the carnival wizard/con-man who gets flown to Oz by a freakish storm. Not surprisingly, the world of Oz is in turmoil due to the evil witches. There is, of course, a good witch who joins forces with Franco and she really wants him to succeed. The acting is top-notch and the characters are well written and well-played. Ultimately, this is a movie for kids and young adults, so some older audiences may be bored or disinterested. I'm in my mid-40s and I was drawn in and entertained through to the end.
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Better Than Expected, 3D is a MUST!

By msternal
Written October 22, 2016
Seeing that Oz is sacred movie territory, my expectations were high. I was not left disappointed. I could not imagine watching this movie in standard viewing. There is so much to take in viewing it in 3D. Just as the original was a breakthrough for color movies, this prequel delivers in Oz fashion for 3D. I love the way the format mimics the original, yet remains independent for younger viewers who haven't grown up with the Wizard. The intro, (Black and White), is a little long, but I appreciate the back-story it creates. The overall storyline does an excellent job of entertaining while tying in perfectly as a prequel for the original Oz.
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