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OZ the Great & Powerful

By jspunky
Written December 26, 2014
Wonderful story; excellent visual effects and costumes. Many parallels to the original tale making it a great pre-quel. Full of messages on life and how to live with one another. Bravo Disney!
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Not as good as I expected.

By Halinad
Written October 24, 2014
The movie had vivid coloring, great imaginative scenery and effects. But moved very slow in the beginning, almost to the point of boring. I would not watch again-or recommend.
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Oz The Great and Powerful, 3D

By fred1
Written October 21, 2014
Except for Avatar, this is the finest visual film ever made! Avatar made 2.8 billion world wide and I expect this film to come in second. The script is outstanding. The actors carefully picked. The visual effects are just like Avatar and I'm really glad I saw it in 3D. The story might go along with Judy Garland's "The wizard of Oz;" otherwise, there are no similarities. This film is visually wonderful. Even the opening reeked of amazing talent. They had to spend $200 million plus making this film and it shows. This is a must see for the whole family and you will not be disappointed.
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By Lyonness
Written October 02, 2014
I really wanted to love this movie. I've been an Oz fan for my entire life, the books, the original movie and so on. I really expected Disney could do it justice. While parts were wonderful, such as the wizard's final trick, it seemed as though too much effort was expended to produce some wiz-bang 3-D effects and not enough time developing dialog or characters we care about. They had plenty of character material at their disposal in the 14 L. Frank Balm books. There were no witty lines for us to repeat endlessly as we continue to do the lines from the 1939 version. The musical score was dull and forgetable, the costuming uninspiring and why they felt the need to introduce adult relationships to what should be a child's movie escapes me. There really was very little for the kids to enjoy. I heard a couple laughs from the children in the theater but mostly I think they too were waiting for it to get good. The 1939 version continues to reign supreme in Oz.
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Must see it in 3D

By chindog
Written October 26, 2014
I remember those 3D movies from 50 years ago where you had to wear the paper glasses with one red and one blue lens. Modern 3D effects are so much better and the effects in this movie add a lot to the viewing experience. The story line is good, and pretty faithful to the 1939 script. I liked the many subtle references, such as the horses of different colors in the pasture, the Munchkins breaking into song and dance, the cameo appearance of the cowardly lion. I am of the age that I grew up watching the '39 movie when it was aired only once each year on TV. (There was no internet back then, let alone VCR's). This movie is a pleasant addition to the storyline which gives some degree of understanding of what made the Wizard the Wiz that he is. One minor quibble... There were no romantic interludes in the original OZ stories, because they were written for children, and L. Frank Baum said children weren't interested in romance. Other than that, this was a good flick.
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