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Great visuals, crap plot

By Revolos55
Written March 11, 2013
Gorgeous to look at, but watching a story about 3 powerful witches wringing their hands and falling all over a male conman to save them left a bad taste in my mouth. The "wizard" is a thoroughly unlikable character, the most reluctant of "heroes", who is eventually guilted and browbeaten into the doing the right thing. I wouldn't recommend encouraging this sort of thing with your money.
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For kids? Really...

By glenniem
Written March 31, 2013
I liked it! I was entertained and intrigued with their presentation. Wanting to see the yellow brick road and Oz again; loved the little flying monkey and the china girl. Lots of boobs and kissing of witches ....not too much for me, but, did they have to add so much for kids? I guess the young ones today are accustomed to seeing all that... 3D was low key... I didn't get dizzy, just right, I thought. So for the family; it works, just scarey like the original Wizard of Oz...Enough adult humor to keep us adults entertained and the kiddos in the dark...
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Enjoyed "Oz" in 3D!

By sgivens67
Written July 29, 2014
Saw the film in 3D and enjoyed it! "Entertainment Weekly" gave the film a "C+" rating so I was concerned as to whether or not I would like it but I LOVED it! "EW" also stated James Franco was miscast as the wizard but I feel he gave a terrific performance. Go see it for yourself and decide, especially in 3D!
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Oz really is Great and Powerful!!!

By jdreamer63
Written August 01, 2014
I saw this movie twice this week. Once on Tuesday with my son and his fiance and we saw it without 3D because neither of them like to watch 3D movies. I, on the other hand, love them. All through the movie I kept thinking how wonderful everything would look in 3D so yesterday I went by myself and watched the 3D version. Fantastic!!! Awesome story of how Oz got there in the first place. James Franco was the perfect Oz. I would venture to say he may well become the new Johnny Depp. It's hard to give a review of this wonderful film without adding a spoiler so I'll just close by saying you will love how everything leading up to the end plays out and how it relates to the future coming of Dorothy. Hmm...will Disney now do a remake with Dorothy and the gang? I'd go see it :)
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Entertaining and Endearing

By RadioBobby
Written August 01, 2014
I went to this movie with no expectations, but left pleasantly surprised. The story and characters were simple and cute for the most part, with a few truly poignant and endearing moments that made it all worth while. Great visual effects, funny dialogue and delightful acting from all the major stars. Go see it and enjoy!
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