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Miss this but see the original and /or Wicked

By redrev
Written September 19, 2014
Fell asleep. Special effects were over the top. So was Franco's over-playing his role. How come Glinda had no-lingering effects of being repeatedly zapped with green lightning? Oz mugged like he was going for a cross between Clark Gable and Gene Wilder. Overall, it seemed like a high tech melding of The Wizard of Oz and Wicked but with none of the charm and none of the great music...
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Very dissapointing

By patesrwe
Written October 01, 2014
This is one of those films that left me feeling vaguely angry. Time and again it tries to BE something, but never is. Is it a child’s fantasy? Nope, trying to be more than that. Is it a comedy – throw in a few scenes and see if it sticks. Nope, the scenes are not actually funny – they’re just painfully obviously intended to be. Is it a scarier “Wizard of Oz”? Nope – nothing in the two hours plus of this film is as scary (or mesmerizing) as one minute of Margaret Hamilton cackling madly from her broom. At the end it’s a sad, lost bully of a film. The kind that reminds me of the “bad” kid in middle school that wants so much to be the tough kid, but is so obviously a loser. As if knowing it has no substance, the film’s makers try to bludgeon the viewer into enjoying the movie with cool special effects, cute characters, a relationship to one of the best films of all time, and pretty people as the main characters. “Look at me, I’m great!” it seems to fairly shout. But it's just a bully
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By Lyonness
Written September 30, 2014
I really wanted to love this movie. I've been an Oz fan for my entire life, the books, the original movie and so on. I really expected Disney could do it justice. While parts were wonderful, such as the wizard's final trick, it seemed as though too much effort was expended to produce some wiz-bang 3-D effects and not enough time developing dialog or characters we care about. They had plenty of character material at their disposal in the 14 L. Frank Balm books. There were no witty lines for us to repeat endlessly as we continue to do the lines from the 1939 version. The musical score was dull and forgetable, the costuming uninspiring and why they felt the need to introduce adult relationships to what should be a child's movie escapes me. There really was very little for the kids to enjoy. I heard a couple laughs from the children in the theater but mostly I think they too were waiting for it to get good. The 1939 version continues to reign supreme in Oz.
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Oz really is Great and Powerful!!!

By jdreamer63
Written October 01, 2014
I saw this movie twice this week. Once on Tuesday with my son and his fiance and we saw it without 3D because neither of them like to watch 3D movies. I, on the other hand, love them. All through the movie I kept thinking how wonderful everything would look in 3D so yesterday I went by myself and watched the 3D version. Fantastic!!! Awesome story of how Oz got there in the first place. James Franco was the perfect Oz. I would venture to say he may well become the new Johnny Depp. It's hard to give a review of this wonderful film without adding a spoiler so I'll just close by saying you will love how everything leading up to the end plays out and how it relates to the future coming of Dorothy. Hmm...will Disney now do a remake with Dorothy and the gang? I'd go see it :)
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Oz The Great and Powerful, 3D

By fred1
Written October 01, 2014
Except for Avatar, this is the finest visual film ever made! Avatar made 2.8 billion world wide and I expect this film to come in second. The script is outstanding. The actors carefully picked. The visual effects are just like Avatar and I'm really glad I saw it in 3D. The story might go along with Judy Garland's "The wizard of Oz;" otherwise, there are no similarities. This film is visually wonderful. Even the opening reeked of amazing talent. They had to spend $200 million plus making this film and it shows. This is a must see for the whole family and you will not be disappointed.
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