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Save your money-Wait for Redbox

By GailSpitzer
Written March 10, 2013
I agree that Oz had some lovely visuals but that was not enough to carry this movie. The main characters were weak and not very enjoyable. With a PG rating, it was not a kids movie or an adult movie. I think the studio should have committed one way or the other. A little girl sitting by me kept her eyes closed and held her hands over her ears 50 percent of the time. And did anyone else want to fix that piece of hair for Michelle Williams??
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Good visuals, okay acting, typical story

Written July 30, 2014
I will say the visuals (not the SFX, the textures and colors) of the film were pretty impressive. While Mila Kunis was a surprise as the bad witch, the rest of the acting was okay or flat. James Franco's smile looked forced and kind of creepy. The story is fairly typical anti-hero rallies troops to defeat evil. Worth seeing, if there is nothing else of interest.
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Fell asleep

By 22baseballmom
Written April 06, 2013
My kids really wanted to see this movie so I took them during Spring Break. My ten year old really liked it, my sixteen year old said it was OK and I fell asleep. It was not what I expected and I feel that I wasted my money.
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Good movie

By gregkrussell
Written September 20, 2013
Good movie. Got a little hokey at the end. It was entertaining.
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Oz from opening night

By The Real 007
Written March 09, 2013
The movie was fairly entertaining. Zach Braff did a really good job as the flying monkey and the china girl was cute. Oz just never awed me. I kept waiting for the moment in the movie where I couldn't think about anything else besides what I was watching and it never happened. There were amusing lines and this story stayed close enough to the original without being a carbon copy of the classic movie. I did see it in 2D and after watching the movie, it is obvious this movie was meant to be seen in 3D.
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