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Should Of Waited for the DVD

By jlsolis29
Written September 30, 2014
Dissapointed. The beginning was slow and uneventful. The trailers looked awsome...we couldn't wait, but we should of. Mila Kunis was just not the best pick for this character. I thought Rachel Weize was great and made the movie more beleivable. Would of wanted to a better Oz too. Do not recommend this film. Save your money. Wait for the DVD.
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By joyfulg
Written December 22, 2014
The entire film was mesmerizing! I loved the actors, the sets and the costumes. It was true to the original, but even better in many ways.
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Visually good, substantively awful

By 40Hz
Written July 01, 2015
The acting, story line, and pace were not good. Mila Kunis did a good job, but the rest of the cast and the story were completely forgettable. This movie was a waste of time and money.
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Oz was ok - but you can wait until it comes out on DVD

By bigfan21
Written January 30, 2015
This movie was just so-so. It was slow in the beginning and grew more interesting later on. Still there was nothing about this movie that made it a must see at the theater. The story was predictable. The effects were good, but then that much can be said about many movies. Overall I would say don't waste your money.
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Offensive to the legacy....

By hattie0815
Written September 03, 2015
This movie is unwatchable. What amazing potential to take this incredibly important character and expand on the Wizard of Oz legacy. But it went wrong at every turn. James Franco is completely wrong for the role with his smarmy grin and terrible acting. The writing is atrocious. The story line is terrible. (OK - what's with the sole-surviving porcelain doll that doesn't seem to care that her entire porcelain town has been destroyed?) The Wizard of Oz is one of those great icons of American cinematography and this movie spat upon it. I can't say enough bad things about it. Don't go. Harold Ramie - shame on you!
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