A Long Island couple struggles to accept the fact that their son is gay after he comes out of the closet at his cousin's wedding. Every Friday, Shirley Hirsch (Lainie Kazan) invites over a pretty Jewish girl for Shabbat dinner. Her son, Nelson (John Lloyd Young), is single, and she's determined to help him find the perfect mate. When Nelson reveals that he's already involved in a relationship, his mother drops by his apartment in hopes of meeting the lucky girl. Once there, she meets Angelo (Jai Rodriguez), who introduces himself as Nelson's decorator, and assumes that their pretty neighbor Sybil (Carmen Electra) is her son's significant other. Later, at his cousin's wedding, Nelson reveals the truth about his sexuality, prompting a heated feud between his parents. When every attempt to understand their son's lifestyle ends in failure, Nelson's parents decide to have dinner with Angelo's parents, and discover the power of compassion. Subsequently doing their best to keep Nelson's sexuality a well-guarded secret, Shirley and Martin (Saul Rubinek) realize that all bets are off when their son and his partner attempt to adopt a child, and make national headlines in the process. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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