Owen McGiveney
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1883

Worked With

Year Name Title
1966 Dick York Bewitched: The Girl With the Golden Nose
1966 Agnes Moorehead Bewitched: The Girl With the Golden Nose
1966 Elizabeth Montgomery Bewitched: The Girl With the Golden Nose
1964 Rolfe Sedan 36 Hours
1964 Eva Marie Saint 36 Hours
1964 John Hart 36 Hours
1964 John Banner 36 Hours
1964 James Doohan 36 Hours
1964 Sig Rumann 36 Hours
1964 Alan Napier 36 Hours
1964 James Garner 36 Hours
1964 Rod Taylor 36 Hours
1964 Otto Reichow 36 Hours
1964 Henry Rowland 36 Hours
1964 Betty Blythe My Fair Lady
1964 Theodore Bikel My Fair Lady
1964 Henry Daniell My Fair Lady
1964 Jeremy Brett My Fair Lady
1964 Isobel Elsom My Fair Lady
1964 Robert Coote My Fair Lady
1964 Gladys Cooper My Fair Lady
1964 Colin Kenny My Fair Lady
1964 Rex Harrison My Fair Lady
1964 Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady
1964 John Mitchum My Fair Lady
1964 Grady Sutton My Fair Lady
1964 John Holland My Fair Lady
1964 Wilfrid Hyde-White My Fair Lady
1964 Sam Harris My Fair Lady
1964 Stanley Holloway My Fair Lady
1964 Alan Napier My Fair Lady
1964 Skip Homeier The Outer Limits: Expanding Human
1964 Keith Andes The Outer Limits: Expanding Human
1964 James Doohan The Outer Limits: Expanding Human
1961 James Drury Perry Mason: The Case of the Missing Melody
1961 Constance Towers Perry Mason: The Case of the Missing Melody
1961 Patricia Medina Snow White and the Three Stooges
1961 Moe Howard Snow White and the Three Stooges
1961 Larry Fine Snow White and the Three Stooges
1961 Buddy Baer Snow White and the Three Stooges
1959 Pat Boone Journey to the Center of the Earth
1959 Arlene Dahl Journey to the Center of the Earth
1959 Diane Baker Journey to the Center of the Earth
1959 James Mason Journey to the Center of the Earth
1959 Alan Napier Journey to the Center of the Earth
1958 Pippa Scott Auntie Mame
1958 Forrest Tucker Auntie Mame
1958 Patric Knowles Auntie Mame
1958 Roger Smith Auntie Mame
1958 Rosalind Russell Auntie Mame
1958 Lee Patrick Auntie Mame
1958 Ruth Warren Auntie Mame
1958 Dub Taylor Auntie Mame
1958 Joanna Barnes Auntie Mame
1958 Fred Clark Auntie Mame
1958 Coral Browne Auntie Mame
1958 Henry Brandon Auntie Mame
1958 Margaret Dumont Auntie Mame
1958 Michael Pate Hong Kong Confidential
1958 Gene Barry Hong Kong Confidential
1958 Allison Hayes Hong Kong Confidential
1958 Fritz Feld In the Money
1958 Harry "Snub" Pollard In the Money
1958 Ralph Sanford In the Money
1958 Dick Elliott In the Money
1958 James Flavin In the Money
1958 Norma Varden In the Money
1958 Stanley Clements In the Money
1958 John Mitchum In the Money
1958 Jack Mulhall In the Money
1958 Benny Rubin In the Money
1958 Huntz Hall In the Money
1958 Wilbur Mack In the Money
1957 Gene Kelly Les Girls
1957 Patrick Macnee Les Girls
1957 Maurice Marsac Les Girls
1957 Mitzi Gaynor Les Girls
1957 Kay Kendall Les Girls
1957 Henry Daniell Les Girls
1957 Taina Elg Les Girls
1957 Robert Foulk Raintree County
1957 Lee Marvin Raintree County
1957 Montgomery Clift Raintree County
1957 Agnes Moorehead Raintree County
1957 Rod Taylor Raintree County
1957 Bill Walker Raintree County
1957 Eva Marie Saint Raintree County
1957 Elizabeth Taylor Raintree County
1957 Dorothy Granger Raintree County
1957 DeForest Kelley Raintree County
1957 Rhys Williams Raintree County
1957 Nigel Patrick Raintree County
1955 Roger Moore The King's Thief
1955 Rhys Williams The King's Thief
1955 Alan Mowbray The King's Thief
1955 Matt Moore The King's Thief
1955 George Sanders The King's Thief
1955 David Niven The King's Thief
1955 Ian Wolfe The King's Thief
1955 Milton Parsons The King's Thief
1955 Isobel Elsom The King's Thief
1955 John Dehner The King's Thief
1955 Ann Blyth The King's Thief
1955 Melville Cooper The King's Thief
1955 Robert Douglas The Scarlet Coat
1955 Harlan Warde The Scarlet Coat
1955 George Sanders The Scarlet Coat
1955 John Dehner The Scarlet Coat
1955 Bobby Driscoll The Scarlet Coat
1955 Ethan Laidlaw The Scarlet Coat
1955 John McIntire The Scarlet Coat
1955 Cornel Wilde The Scarlet Coat
1955 Rhys Williams The Scarlet Coat
1955 Anne Francis The Scarlet Coat
1954 Barry Jones Brigadoon
1954 Van Johnson Brigadoon
1954 Cyd Charisse Brigadoon
1954 George Chakiris Brigadoon
1954 Albert Sharpe Brigadoon
1954 Eddie Quillan Brigadoon
1954 Gene Kelly Brigadoon
1954 Stuart Whitman Brigadoon
1953 Herb Vigran The Band Wagon
1953 Bobby Watson The Band Wagon
1953 Al Hill The Band Wagon
1953 Thurston Hall The Band Wagon
1953 Oscar Levant The Band Wagon
1953 Betty Farrington The Band Wagon
1953 Jack Buchanan The Band Wagon
1953 Fred Astaire The Band Wagon
1953 Nanette Fabray The Band Wagon
1953 Cyd Charisse The Band Wagon
1953 Julie Newmar The Band Wagon
1953 Ava Gardner The Band Wagon
1953 Frank Scannell The Band Wagon
1953 Bess Flowers The Band Wagon
1953 Michael Pate The Maze
1953 Hillary Brooke The Maze
1953 Richard Carlson The Maze
1953 Rhys Williams Scandal at Scourie
1953 Walter Pidgeon Scandal at Scourie
1953 Ian Wolfe Scandal at Scourie
1953 Arthur Shields Scandal at Scourie
1953 Matt Moore Scandal at Scourie
1953 Nolan Leary Scandal at Scourie
1953 Greer Garson Scandal at Scourie
1953 Agnes Moorehead Scandal at Scourie
1953 Michael Pate Scandal at Scourie
1953 Howard Negley Scandal at Scourie
1953 Barbara Stanwyck Titanic
1953 Michael Rennie Titanic
1953 Richard Basehart Titanic
1953 Brian Aherne Titanic
1953 Thelma Ritter Titanic
1953 Mae Marsh Titanic
1953 David Thursby Titanic
1953 Alberto Morin Titanic
1953 Allyn Joslyn Titanic
1953 Robert Wagner Titanic
1953 Clifton Webb Titanic
1952 Frankie Darro Pat and Mike
1952 Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer Pat and Mike
1952 Louis Mason Pat and Mike
1952 Katharine Hepburn Pat and Mike
1952 Chuck Connors Pat and Mike
1952 Mae Clarke Pat and Mike
1952 Jim Backus Pat and Mike
1952 Joe Bernard Pat and Mike
1952 Franklin Parker Pat and Mike
1952 Aldo Ray Pat and Mike
1952 Spencer Tracy Pat and Mike
1952 Lloyd Bridges The Plymouth Adventure
1952 Van Johnson The Plymouth Adventure
1952 Dennis Hoey The Plymouth Adventure
1952 Barry Jones The Plymouth Adventure
1952 John Dehner The Plymouth Adventure
1952 Gene Tierney The Plymouth Adventure
1952 Dawn Addams The Plymouth Adventure
1952 John Dierkes The Plymouth Adventure
1952 Spencer Tracy The Plymouth Adventure
1952 Murray Matheson The Plymouth Adventure
1952 Rhys Williams The Plymouth Adventure
1952 Matt Moore The Plymouth Adventure
1952 Damian O'Flynn The Plymouth Adventure
1952 Leo Genn The Plymouth Adventure
1952 Ottola Nesmith Scaramouche
1952 Richard Anderson Scaramouche
1952 Robert Coote Scaramouche
1952 Eleanor Parker Scaramouche
1952 Lewis Stone Scaramouche
1952 John Litel Scaramouche
1952 Stewart Granger Scaramouche
1952 Henry Wilcoxon Scaramouche
1952 Janet Leigh Scaramouche
1952 Nina Foch Scaramouche
1952 Douglas Dumbrille Scaramouche
1952 John Dehner Scaramouche
1952 Mel Ferrer Scaramouche
1952 Elizabeth Risdon Scaramouche
1951 Louis Mercier Show Boat
1951 Agnes Moorehead Show Boat
1951 Norman Leavitt Show Boat
1951 Alphonse Martell Show Boat
1951 Anna Q. Nilsson Show Boat
1951 Robert Sterling Show Boat
1951 Regis Toomey Show Boat
1951 James Pierce Show Boat
1951 George Lynn Show Boat
1951 Leif Erickson Show Boat
1951 Ava Gardner Show Boat
1951 Joe E. Brown Show Boat
1951 Marge Champion Show Boat
1951 Howard Keel Show Boat
1951 Kathryn Grayson Show Boat
1951 Joyce Jameson Show Boat
1951 Fuzzy Knight Show Boat
1947 Sam Harris If Winter Comes
1947 Janet Leigh If Winter Comes
1947 Deborah Kerr If Winter Comes
1947 Binnie Barnes If Winter Comes
1947 Dennis Hoey If Winter Comes
1947 Angela Lansbury If Winter Comes
1947 Walter Pidgeon If Winter Comes
1947 Reginald Owen If Winter Comes
1947 Dame May Whitty If Winter Comes
1947 Ian Wolfe If Winter Comes
1947 Rhys Williams If Winter Comes
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