• Released
  • June 27, 2007
  • NR , 1 hr 16 min
  • Drama
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The New York Times

By Jeannette Catsoulis
A disturbing look at reprogramming that masquerades as rehabilitation. Having been forced to drink the Kool-Aid, Mr. Gaglia has produced a work that's as much an act of emesis as of filmmaking.
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New York Post

By V.A. Musetto
One reason it rings true is because the script is based on Gaglia's real experiences.
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TV Guide

By Maitland McDonagh
Overall, the performances are surprisingly convincing, but the mockumentary elements – feel out of place and the intrusive.
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By Joe Leydon
Too narratively disjointed to achieve maximum impact, but too emotionally potent in fits and starts to be dismissed out of hand. Ultimately, Over the GW resembles nothing so much as a rough draft for a more conventional feature.
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Los Angeles Times

It's not vivid or harrowing enough to command attention. Worse, at a mere 76 minutes, the movie skips past what seems like lots of crucial exposition in favor of vague flashbacks and confusing inserts. The awkward documentary-style interviews don't help.
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Village Voice

Gaglia's torture re-creations become rote quickly, and his cross-processed, color-tinted, randomly inserted, over-zoomed Film School 101 indulgences need their meds adjusted.
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53 out of 100
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