very enjoyable

By cjackcook
Written January 15, 2008
very clever writing lots of laffs good chemistry between all the actors lake bell gives a great perforance struck the perfect of comedy and romance probably my favorite role for jason biggs the audience was quite diverse yet everyone seemed to like the movie i would recommend "over her dead body" to all
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By harayraymovies
Written January 31, 2008
this movie was super cute! i loved the story line and it was hilarious. the actors were amazing in there part! there were some real funny surprises so it keep on the edge of your seat. i would definatly want to see it again:) it was a really great comedy.
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i have to go

By fondong
Written January 21, 2008
i have to go to this movie because eva longoria parker is so hot i love her i like how she models for bebe sport i love her i must go
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By josieurbbs53
Written January 25, 2008
omg, awesome movie!
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By jumayumi
Written February 02, 2008
I think MissCorvette's review was meant for another movie... Anyway, the movie was cute, Eva Longoria and Paul Rudd are excellent and funny. For those who enjoy romantic comedy it's worth the time.
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