• Released
  • December 4, 2013
  • (12/4 Limited, 12/6 Wide)
  • R , 1 hr 56 min
  • Drama

Christian Bale's Internal Inner Seething Rage Very Watchable.

By thelegendofr
Written December 13, 2013
Hey, you could give Christian Bale a bloody phone book and he could just read it and he would be entertaining. I feel his fight with sister and mother and also his meltdown on the Terminator set, were all a preparation for this role. Not a crazy script. Simple story and direction and Bale just on fire. Christian Bale goes above and beyond ordinary acting; the man is in the Sean Penn, Nick Nolte, Daniel Day Lewis of pure acting madness. I love it. So awesome to watch. The film is dark and nasty but solid all the way. This is underrated. However this is one giant mistake. It pushes the suspension of disbelief too far on one occasion; as my lady pointed out, "There is no way that any girl would leave Christian Bale for Forrest Whittaker".
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So-So, for Sure

By johnnieblackwell
Written December 16, 2013
Wow, this movie could have been soooo much better. It had great potential, but it's as if the producers got tired or lazy on us! I hate it when a seemingly formidable bad guy in a movie ends up being impotent in the end (a la Franco in Home Front). SPOILER ALERT: Were the drug dealers really stupid enough to bring big brother and 100-year-old uncle DIRECTLY to the main distribution point? And was big, bad Woody really dumb enough to leave his secure enclave--with ONLY ONE OF HIS HENCHMEN AS A COMPANION--and come all the way to Petty's place looking for money? And did they REALLY deny us the requisite hand-to-hand battle between Woody and little brother AND Woody and Big Brother?! Missed the boat on that one. How lame was it that little brother didn't at least get to smack the much heavier Woody around some before Woody would have inevitably cheated in order to take him out? And Woody just goes out like that? Major fisicuffs were warranted.
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Out of the Furnace

By kristarizor
Written December 26, 2013
This movie was a huge disappointment! It was extremely slow moving and the character connections were horrible. Most of it did not have a point and it was not tied together well at all. Many scenes did not have relevance, but we're merely time fillers. I did not walk away from having seen this with any feeling except pure dislike and disappointment. The actors in the movie are high on my list of favorites, and I was really looking forward to seeing this. The previews were great, but the movie did not pull through with even a fraction of a star rating. Worst movie I have seen in years!
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Christian Bale is amazing as usual

By wildhare22
Written December 08, 2013
The movie is a little slow moving. The characters are what make this movie worth seeing. Christian Bale is so believable in every character he plays. And He looks really hot ,which definitely doesn't hurt. Casey Affleck is great in this as a troubled fighter. Dafoe is creepy and true to character. And WOODY HARRELSON??? well we know he excels at playing deranged....Natural Born Killers... As a Jersey girl all my life, I don't know anything about any hillbilly meth gangs. but I never really looked. We have more woods here than people think. Go see the movie just to watch Christian Bale turn into an another amazing character.
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By zwagringo1855
Written December 16, 2013
The story was a rehash of so many more before it. The acting was great, some of the shots of the Greater Pittsburgh area were quite poignant, the movie kept your interest. However it was very predictable and there were some "holes" in the story that couldn't be reconiciled.
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