• Released
  • December 4, 2013
  • (12/4 Limited, 12/6 Wide)
  • R , 1 hr 56 min
  • Drama

A train wreck with a deceptive trailer

By laurasimonsulzer
Written December 08, 2013
So bad, I have no words. A pity for the actors (casting is great) who play in that endless nonsense. The travel into the American misery is well described, but it should not take 2 hours. No action, just watching Christian Bayle doing nothing. Sorry. But don't lose your time and money
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pointless, stupid

By nngg
Written December 09, 2013
ok sorry but this movie was just stupid. If you want to watch rednecks snort drugs, get violent, and christian bale walk around with bizarre facial expressions along with other characters then this is the movie. This movie was very slow paced and had absolutely NO ENERGY. i have never been to a movie with no energy, no climax nothing. it was just dreary and weird. this movie was about the lowest of the low weird backwards hicks, low people who enjoy brutal fights, and some guy who can't seem to get a break. The entire movie was about as pointless and stupid as it comes. Yes you kind of want to know what happens next, but in the end, really nothing significant happens except a dead villain. The only positive was that the acting of the dreary redneck people by bale and harrelson was good. This movie makes you NOT want to move to a redneck town in pa. Its the bleakest setting with the weakest storyline, depressing, strange, and one you don't want to be a part of for a few hours.
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Very Pleased, well done emotional drama

By nickjyankanich
Written December 15, 2013
If you were expecting explosions and death defying stunts well this isn't Fast and Furious but what we have is a well acted, gritty, raw, emotional drama with another great performance by Christian Bale. I'm already a big Bale fan but you see the hard work he puts into his roles and 'Out of the Furnace' is no different. Woody Harrelsons performance as a backwoods, drug dealing hillbilly is perfect. Casey Affleck also turns in a fine performance as Bales younger war veteran brother. The setting just adds to the grittiness of the film, a sleepy, worn down, podunk Pennsylvania steel town on the edge of economic collapse that quite frankly,many PA towns have actually suffered. Great movie!
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Great movie!

By Movie_Buff_86
Written December 10, 2013
Once again, the critics are wrong. I believe this movie will be up for a few awards at the Oscars. You have great acting from Christian Bale, Casey Affleck, and a whole bunch of others. This is a story about what a man will go through to find revenge for the terrible acts committed against his brother who just came back from Iraq. How thick is blood? Well once you watch this movie you will understand why family is important, and why they always come first. We all make mistakes in life, but the real lesson is if you learned from them. GO WATCH IT! Don't listen to the awful critics.
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Excellent Movie

By tnsko123
Written December 28, 2013
I went because one of my buddies really wanted to see it and I have to say that it was much better than I thought it would be. Definitely worth the price of admission.
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