Outlaws and Angels Synopsis
When Henry, a seasoned outlaw, leads his gang of killers and bandits into a high stakes bank heist, he expects it to bring financial freedom to them all, and a chance at a new life south of the Mexican border.
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Brilliant but very dark

By mayanscaper
Using Kodak 35mm film stock and old lenses, JT Mollner has recreated the spaghetti western of the 70s with a distinctly revisionist twist. He hired actors playing against their types which turned out...

By ccks183
The worst movie we've ever seen! Not even the Eastwood name could save this movie. All around bad movie, the writing, disturbing content and the acting. Even the veteran actors were terrible. My...


By findyloo
Great movie..Enjoyed seeing Chad Micheal Murray's diverse acting in this film..Def a must see.....


By errik

Holy crap - what did I just watch?!

By noremakeassistant
Honestly the Tarantino comparisons are from shallow film watchers who don't really have an eye for content. The twists and turns and refusal to shy away from grotesque realities of the time in this...

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Rated R | For Strong bloody violence, disturbing sexual content, and language.