pretty good

By kigo
Written January 25, 2009
For a movie not to have any advertisement it was pretty good only if u like sci fi and vikings. its kinda like the 13th warrior. overall i give this one a B.
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Beuwolf meets Preditor

By Mediatalker2
Written January 30, 2009
Which is not a bad thing. This is strickly and action adventure type film and won't win any Oscars, but, if you enjoyed Beuwolf and the Preditor then you will like this. It's set in viking times, but has elements of the future courtesy of the spaceguy. The acting and story are good. I would have to say all the supporting actors, especially the chick and her dad the king, are slightly better actors than the hero, but, he did okay. It was fun.
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Great Movie!!

By theeraserhead
Written January 26, 2009
We'll this movie is very entertaining. I'm not sure why people are rating this movie low. The story was bad*** and there were alot of action. This movie has alot of original ideas put into its story. Pretty long movie though.
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By luvthehorns
Written January 28, 2009
I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. The special effects were quite good and the acting was solid. I found myself entertained, and while not on par with the first Predator or Alien movie, if you enjoy monster/sci-fi flicks, you WILL enjoy this movie.
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The Outlander

By MajorW
Written February 07, 2009
I went to see The Outlander due to my interest in anything Jim Caseville has acted in. Its a much better film than one would think from not having dime one spent on advertising it. Fandnago's description is accurate, as Jim plays an "alien" warrior" whose star ship crash lands on Earth. I use the quate marks for alien delibertly, as in the first few minutes of the film you find out that our Earth is a lost seed colony from his species. A monster also escapes from his ship and that brings on the battle bteween our hero Cainan and the Norse Vikings that take him in. The monster is shown in brief images to set up the horror and fear this beast brings. The action shots are suburb, and there is even a little humor in a couple of the scenes. All in all a very enjoyable film to see if you're tired of all the blockbuster megapictures showing.
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