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By sukie1996
I used all of my senses to watch this film, how awesome was that!...

Our little sister

What a beautiful film! What a sweet story and what a wonderous look at life in the japenese countryside. I loved this film. I wish i got along with my sisters as well as these four women !...

Uplifting and beautiful

By elliotvjones
A brilliant film both beautiful in spirit and visually. It draws you into what remains of a close but fractured family and you are raised up by their simple story. The subtitles may put you off...

Beautifully acted

By Snowhound
This is a beautiful movie, both visually and cinematically. As far as plot, it is actually fairly slow moving and, frankly, boring. The film is so beautiful that I found myself wishing that there...


By turtle0987

Our Little Sister

By patwash239
An excellent movie about siblings supporting and loving each other even though abandoned by their parents. They're not saints but real flesh and blood women who love hard and fight harder. Yet,...


By marklouismeyer


By wlsens
Characters are developed very well and sympathetic....

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Rated PG | For Thematic elements and brief language