By KJYarbro
Written August 29, 2011
Please don't waste your money if you're looking to laugh. My fianc and I both love Paul Rudd, but this was not his best character. We left 45 minutes into the movie. Very slow, and we didn't laugh at all. Not sure if this was supposed to be a comedy or a drama.. But I was disappointed.
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Written October 31, 2011
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dont see this

By hersheyman
Written August 04, 2015
top 5 worst movie i ever paid for and top 10 worst movie i seen really mean that but on the real dont go see it i wouldnt even watch the bootleg
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Our Idiot Brother review

By puppydriver
Written November 28, 2011
I had very little desire to watch this based on the previews but I think Paul Rudd is super cute so I gave it a chance. I went to pass some time one afternoon and found it to be really heart felt. Good message, nothing too brain bending or genre busting but a pleasant one to watch. If it came on tv, I would watch it again.
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Our Idiot Brother isnt so idiotic

By superkiller765
Written November 29, 2011
So good but kinda sad . I give this a 7.5/10 ! Paul Rudd was sensational and Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer, and Rashida Jones were historically funny !WATCH THIS MOVIE!
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