Our Idiot Brother review

By ivdgefhj-veghsdftymkmovie
Written September 15, 2011
it is freaking funny!!!!!!!!!
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It's a nice change of pace...

By rbruning
Written September 04, 2011
...from the predominant loud, over-the-top guy comedies (not that I don't like those too sometimes) It's just that this is a cynic-free movie. Nobody's snarky, everyone's not winking behind each other's backs, and it's not a stoner movie, despite how it's often sold as that. Rudd is just a sweet, optimistic guy who's not so much an idiot (ala Dumb & Dumber), it's just he puts his foot in his mouth often, especially around his sisters (who are all well cast). He's not at all comfortable with lying, even little white ones used to avoid sensitive family topics. Anyway, starts slow but then it picks up the pace about a quarter of the way in. There's no explosions, car chases, or gratuitous sex (tho a bit of nudity). It has it's serious moments, especially near the end, but mostly it was a pleasant movie that made you feel good about people (well, some of them at least!) Good date movie. Something for both genders. Enjoy!
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Good Story....Full of Liberal Values...Acting not so Convincing

By SailorBob
Written September 03, 2011
Storyline was good except the ending (ther was not logical ending) The Actor as the "idiot" was not very convincing as an idiot....poorly acted. Movie was laden with liberal ideals and values.
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By DMelia
Written August 27, 2011
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not as funny as i thought it would be!!

By aranzummm
Written August 29, 2011
The movie is not that funny ! I was expecting it to be as funny as I love you man or any of the other movies that paul rudd is on ! It has couple of things here and there that make you laugh but I wouldn't recomend it or say its a must watch !
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