Our Idiot Brother Synopsis
An easygoing pot dealer (Paul Rudd) disrupts the lives of his three ambitious sisters.
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LOL: tears from laughing then from heartstrings pulled

By misszara
Loved this film. Fantastic cast, great story, not predictable... or I was having so much fun watching and laughing that I didn't bother guessing what might be the outcome. A few offensive words, but...

The idiot movie

By mcbooklovin
I really wanted to love this film. I was so excited to see it and I am mad about Paul Rudd. Unfortunately this movie is complete junk. Do not waste the minutes of your life or money that you will...

Our Idiot Brother review

By NikD
Hilarious! Well acted and smart....

Our Idiot Brother

By zoodog
You have to be an idiot to sit through this movie! Dragged on and on with no direction no meaning.......to sum it up we walked out half way through!...

Annoying liberal stereotypes

By Zombielicious
Uh! If you could've taken the last ten minutes and put them on a different movie then MAYBE you might have something. I hated all the annoying liberal stereotypes (kid not being allowed to watch the...

Rent it, don't pay $10 to see it

By roadrunnerkn
Paul Rudd is funny. The story line was cute. Nothing exceptional about the movie but worth choosing if you're looking for a way to pass some time and let your brain relax....

Some funny/cute parts

By emes921
Although this movie was a little disjointed, there were some funny/cute parts. All in all, more good than bad. Go see it if you want to laugh, and take some time off from seriousness....

Our Idiot Brother review

By jinxsaw1
ehh good movie nothing spectacular...

Our Idiot Brother review

By sgribbx
It was a funny, lite-hearted movie. Good flick!...

By leaeste04@yahoo

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Rated R | For Sexual content including nudity, and for language throughout
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Common Sense Media says Mature comedy mixes edgy content, sweet substance.
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