ORPHAN - ELECTRA complex! Rating: 85 out of 100. Based on actual advance press VIP preview.

Written July 22, 2009
Recently, I attended the advance VIP press preview of this 123-minute 'horror'/thriller - and I was taken by surprise by how well-crafted the entire above-average production was. What I like about ORPHAN? 1) Excellent directing - superb editing - great cast = good acting 2) Well-scripted plot that makes sense - and contributed to believable characters 3) Above-average good quality production 4) ...made me grip and squirm in my seat 5) ...the fact that there is nothing supernatural about Esther or the movie/story. CAUTION: SPOILERS ALERT!!! Esther murdered Sister Abigail with a hammer. Esther murdered John by stabbing him multiple times. Esther is actually a 33-year-old Estonian mental patient with physical/emotional/psychological development problems. In the end, Kate killed Esther - a hard kick to the head snapping the neck. ORPHAN is one of the better 'horror' movies to come along lately. VERDICT: Recommended. NOT kids/family-friendly. R-rated. GRADE: B-plus
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It is a MOVIE.

By mrspotter13027
Written July 14, 2009
If one's views of our world and the people in it are swayed so much by watching a fictional horror movie that they would change their opinion of orphans and the adoption process based on that movie, then It really doesn't seem that they are fit to be adopting children in the first place. It is REDICULOUS to say "...dont watch this movie because it isn't an accurate depiction of adoption..." OF COURSE IT ISN'T. It isn't an adoption documentary, it is a horror movie. I won't stop taking showers because of Norman Bates. I will not stop going camping because of Jason Voorhees or stop sleeping because of Freddy Krueger. So I think it is safe to say people probably won't stop adopting older children because of Esther. It is fiction.
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Looking too much into it

By dbabii
Written July 03, 2009
This is a movie and I think it is absolutely ridiculous that people are writing such horrible things about events that really occur. This is not a real story but unfortunately there are some torn children that act this way. Please don't write ugly reviews because of your own crazy reasons. This movie doesn't depict you are alter the way you feel about adoption and if it does then you need counseling because there are some issues in your own lives that need to be healed. I think that this is going to be a very good thriller and this movie no different from the good son only difference is this poor child was in an orphanage. Same plot different name. Pray people!
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By hayliesue
Written June 13, 2009
As an 'older' adopted child, I would like to state that this movie is incredibly offensive. I was so distraught simply by watching the movie trailer prior to another movie I was attending, I was brought to tears. It is a disgusting exploitation of children who are in the foster care system under no fault of their own. Not to mention the poor young girl who portrayed 'Esther', and the potential for trauma experienced in playing that role. Movie watchers, please think twice about your support of this movie and the representation of our children who are essentially parentless. Although this might appeal to your appetite for twisted scary entertainment, it is not worth the expense of the thousands of loving children who are waiting to know what its like to have a family.
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The Orphan

By Pamwan
Written May 28, 2009
Please do not see this despicable movie. It is a horrendous depiction of adoption and is offending to all adoptive families. The way the adopted child is portrayed is extremely insensitive to adopted children everywhere!
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