good, but not the best from trey parker

By glxy2
Written January 28, 2009
trey parker does south park and team america, which were must funnier than this, but all three are clever. i laughed 5 times out loud during the 1 hr 31 min long Orgazmo, but then again, how often is it that you laugh 5 times at a movie. funny, clever look at Mormons, sex, and the porn industry, but the chinese restaurant owner could have saved 10 minutes to the movie and i would have given it a go because he really wasted a lot of time and he had no point and importance. funny, but a shaky plot and the whole Mormon's forbidden to have sex thing is plain old. and a WARNING FOR ALL YOU HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE KIDS FAST FORWARDING TO SEE NUDITY, BESIDES SOME MALE NUDITY, THERE IS NO NUDITY.
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now you're a man, a man, man, man

By kraduate
Written May 06, 2016
I pretty much think Trey Parker is a genius. No, this isn't his best effort. But it's not trying to be. If you aren't easily offended by sex humor or Mormon jokes you should find something to like in this parody of the porn industry.
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