Operation Chromite Synopsis
A squad of soldiers fight in the Korean War's crucial Battle of Incheon.
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Inspirational and heartwarming movie

By ginasm96
I was one of the people that got to see the movie as soon as it was released and was also able to see the main characters Jung Jae Lee and Lee Bum Soo as they were promoting for the movie and visited...

great movie, great story

By Raybuenteo33
Best movie ive seen in years...

Operation Chromite

By donantonowicz
This is a fast paced and at times a very violent movie. it is definitely not for children or anyone disturbed by such things. There are graphic scenes of people being executed and lots of blood and...

Good Movie

By kwjjazz
very Good...

i have bought wrong places tickets.

By jounnam
so we could not watched movie. as i just click and click to buy hurry up. we are living in montgomery. AL. but ticket place was Atlanta. GA .. T.T...

Surprisingly Good Film!

By pkwoolley
I had heard mixed reviews on this movie but I was pleasantly surprised with the overall mix of action, drama and national pride. It developed strong characters and moved the story line well. It was...

could have done without subtitles

By beatlest4
although it is difficult to watch a movie with subtitles, Operation Chromite, was an authentic realistic true story. Look up the Inchon battle and find out that many men lost there lives for freedom...


By kaneze64
It was quite educational movie for me and my wife....

operation chromite

By wkim1991
The movie was great and learning bit of history thru movie like this and learning about one of great war heroes...


By jinhocha01
This is a great movie that you do not want to miss!...