Opa! Synopsis
On the magical Greek island of Patmos, the inhabitants have lived, danced, and laughed for thousands of years. But with the arrival of a straight-laced, high-tech archaeologist Eric (Matthew Modine) everything could change forever.

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Adult Movie

By hifyier
An adult movie, very entertaining, upbeat, and most rewarding. For those of us that have experienced life and have an understanding for how wonderful life can be, then this movie is for you. Good...

Of Things Sacred and Profane

The basic storyline is that an American archaeologist who uses satellite imagery combined with ground penetrating radar to pinpoint the ideal location to dig (‘he can tell you where your goat...


By Jugnu
If you want to see something that is funny, touching and has more than two brain cells to rub together AND doesn't treat its audience as if its dumb, then this is the movie for you. It is light and...


By bougdanos
We throughly enjoyed this movie. It had a combination of lighthearted romance combined with beautiful scenery and delightful acting....


By Margo11
It is an entertaining feel good movie that eveyone should see. The scenery is amazing as well. DON'T MISS THIS ONE!!!...


By edelweiss56
You'll have an hour and forty minute fantasy escape to Greece!!! I just loved those 3 old wise women. LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!...

This is a Must See!

By Hambonz
We saw this movie last night and totally enjoyed it! The scenery is gorgeous, the actors were exceptionally good and even a great plot. Good love story with some wisdom from the three old women. Just...

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Rated PG-13