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Based on Jack Kerouac's seminal 1957 novel, a young writer and a free-spirited Westerner travel cross-country in a quest for freedom from the conformity and conservatism engulfing them.
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How It Really Was On The Road!

By jzactor
I admit I was pleasantly surprised by this film. Friends told me it is too long and overdone (whatever that means) but I liked it, a lot! It gives what I would say, is a clear, accurate, exciting,...

On the Road

By sbright500
This is the worst movie I have seen in years. It didn't really seem to be representative of the late 1940's and early 1950's at all. It was dreary and depressing, and I left the theater angry to...

Letting Go of The Past

By gilbert282
Post WWII... Survivors of the depression, of the war- Overnight a new era was strewn before them. Ideals were being born, new cultures blossoming, business was booming.,it was as if the earth had...

Great casting, problematic script

By jgw_jgw
This film features a star-maker performance by Garrett Hedlund as the Neal Cassady character, plus many other strong performances. But the script offers no exposition and little context, so we never...

Carefree, Free-loving Writers Share EVERYTHING

By pedsarq
Jack Kerouac's novel, On The Road, comes to life in this grungy movie about young, free-spirited writers who journey from one town and party to the next. They can barely make ends meet most of the...

Other than Kristen Stewart nude, no reason to see this.

By johnnycashak
Literally, that's it. Movie plods along pointlessly, parading one worthless character after the other. There's nothing romantic about their journey, their constant wandering like I'd been lead to...

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By chrismalone
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By pmyers9315
Not the best thing I've ever seen but great performances are given and it is a beautifully rough movie....

On The Road To...

By moniquecharity
I caught it at home. I really enjoyed it, at times I thought the characters were trying too hard to live up to the books standards. But, overall, I'd give this film, 3.5/5 stars!...

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By khumfrz89
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Rated R | For Drug Use, Strong Sexual Content and Language
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Common Sense Media says Copious sex and drugs in boring adaptation of great book.
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