On the Ice review

By snaky77
Written February 24, 2012
Watch it!
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On the Ice - A great story showing modern native culture

By gransbert
Written February 20, 2012
It's rare to see a film that discusses culture that also has a brilliant story. I found myself captivated by the story's portrayal of a modern Alaskan village. The story was well-formed and included a lot of local knowledge and traditions. It is a glimpse into some of the struggles faced in rural Alaskan life while also showing the reality, that there are many great and amazing people still living in villages...sadly, this doesn't sell newspapers or make it into government reports. It is a film that is as telling of a culture as it is telling a great story. Well shot, well acted (especially considering the lack of experience of most of the actors) and well written. It's a testament to Alaskan films and filmmakers.
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Go see it!

By aelynch76
Written February 18, 2012
loved it!
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On the Ice review

By cynthiabolivar
Written February 28, 2012
This movie was as great as Fargo. Some really great performances.
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On the Ice review

By Tenayala
Written February 20, 2012
On the Ice is a must-see, a startling and pictaresque piece of native alaskan cinema, complete with the humor and complexities of everyday life in one of the state's most isolated communities. Beautifully orchestrated cinematography and direction make it worth seeing on the big screen more than once. Many first time actors give brilliant and realistic performances, helping to tell a captivating human story set in a place as cold and gritty as the realities lived by its characters.
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