Only Lovers Left Alive Synopsis
Centuries-old vampire lovers (Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston) ponder their place in the modern world.
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Beautiful and fun

By shellsemail7
Ok, I have to admit a bias, I really enjoy Tom Hiddleston as an actor. With that said, I really loved this movie. Original story line, amazing cast, excellent all round good time....

Soooo good. Til it wasn't.

By Blingartist
The look and feeling of the movie and the music is very Jarmusch - which is a very good thing. Tilda is awesome, as is Tom. Unfortunately the last 5 seconds are silly and the last minute...

Loved it

By laurzach810
I loved the pace of this movie. You got to know the characters and it felt like you were taking a glimpse into their lives, it felt real. The acting was great, I loved the little funny bits. Music...

Clean and lushsly crisp

By lydiasmile
Cinematography at its best. This movie was equally about what was said and what was not said. we didn't get a lot of explanation for a lot of that traditions and life style choices. Sadly I was...

Hated it

By fallova29
Don't wast your time with this movie you'll only regret it....

not what you'd think

By rltoney
It's beautiful and a little sexy, but it's also funny! Not outright comedy, but intelligent- funny dialogue....


By rossekarely

I liked it a lot

By taurusbe
I really liked this film. It's moody, with lots of atmosphere. There's so much to see, it's a visual delight. If you're not in the mood for pacing that's on the slower side, you might not like it. I...

Vampires Are People Too

By cmdr_keen
Tilda Swinston and Tom Hiddleston provide an everyday insight into what life may be like living as a vampire. While some may find the constant list-like references to historical references tiresome...

By SarahHashihila
So fantastic. It was so well done. It was slower than most movies but it didn't need any change at all. The blend of the music and the emotions of the film meshed perfectly to evoke their emotions....

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Rated R | For Language and Brief Nudity