By ganderman
Written September 10, 2010
Over the forty years-plus since its release, OHMSS has been increasingly acknowledged as a superior James Bond film. It may take newbies a full first viewing to get accustomed to George Lazenby, so far the only one-and-done 007, but his performance has its strengths and the movie rewards repeat visits. Diana Rigg is sexy, edgy and ultimately moving as perhaps the greatest of the so-called "Bond girls." This is not only a genuinely romantic Bond movie but one of the most spectacular; the Swiss Alps locations are particularly stunning, the mountainside action sequences thrilling. Veteran Bond editor Peter Hunt made an auspicious directorial debut here. Highly recommended.
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By cantrecall
Written September 25, 2010
One of the best Bond movies ever made. Great print screened, but the experience fell apart when the Aero Theater's sound system fell apart at the film's climax, a critical part of the story that the film had been building toward for two hours. Really damaged the experience. The sound dropped out to almost nothing and remained that way through the last 20-30 min's of the movie. Wonderful in person guest, George Lazenby.
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