Ong-Bak 3

By Derrick Deane
Written April 29, 2011
Effff this movie. Seriously. When you think Ong Bak, you think crazy, kick-***fight sequences. The first two movies delivered that in spades. This third and final installment fails, epically. Jaa, who wrote, directed, produced and, of course, starred in this mind-numbingly boring film tries to expand his acting credentials. In a 90 minute movie, he doesn't have a decent fight sequence until almost 70 minutes into it (and no, I don't count that little burst of action in the beginning where he gets beat to sh*t an Ong-Bak-like fight scene.) Instead, the story focuses on the supernatural and Ong-Bak learning to walk again and heal his mind. I did like the monk dude who waxes some deep Buddhist ideology about midway thru... that's pretty sad though, when a monk preaching Buddhism is the highlight of this movie.
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Excellent Film!!!

By nzendia
Written January 15, 2011
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