Would love to see more!

By Suenell
Written December 19, 2006
This movie was great! I love Biblically based movies & seeing them helps me to remember the stories I've read in the Bible. Seeing this movie, I do realize some literary license was taken but all in all, it's very well written & brought for our enlightenment & enjoyment. I'll definitely be buying this DVD!
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High School Production

By bartholonew
Written December 05, 2006
My sister-in-law took us to see this. I thought I had a flashback to high school. The script and acting were on that level. Fortunately, the story itself took over and helped us endure staying for the entire movie. The theater was empty except for the group of us my sisyer-in-law treated. That should have been a clue!
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Off the Chain!!!!!!

By hey34
Written November 18, 2006
I think is going to be a really good movie because I love movies about biblical characters.
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One Night with the King

By C Grace
Written November 24, 2006
This biblical story line is nicely portrayed. Good direction including character build up and story line 'buy in' captured audience attention; believable characters and plot kept that attention throughout the movie. I like it from beginning to end - and if this comes out on DVD, I'll be making the purchase.
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A truly great movie

By jokoro
Written November 19, 2006

This movie really brings to life the Biblical story of Esther.  I was impressed with the moviemaking quality, and the acting.  This is a must see!

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