WOW - What an amazing journey!

By frhelsel
Written August 01, 2015
We went in with high expectations but not really knowing exactly what we were in for. Being actors/directors/choreographers/designers we found this film to be engrossing, funny, poignant, exhausting, and utterly amazing. We left the theater with a renewed respect for our fellow artists and a renewed committment to continuing our own theatrical journies. THANK YOU for bringing this to the general public. HIGHLY recommend to anyone involved in the performing or creative arts.
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What a Hoot!

By pkflamngo
Written November 28, 2015
Fascinating look into the production of the 24 Hour Musical Plays. Start to finish, nerves, bloopers and all, this film held my interest. Thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait to actually see a 24 Hour Play.
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I had high hopes

By justin.fisher
Written February 14, 2016
A very interesting concept, but I was let down in two ways: 1. I felt invested in the final shows by the time "showtime" came on the timeline. And then, I was very disappointed how little of the final shows were presented for my viewing enjoyment. Great buildup with little payoff. Why the decision to show so very little of these shows? Also, editing the shows together was confusing and didnt give due credit to the books written by talented people the night before. 2. Length. I felt like when "showtime" came, I was a little concerned that the overall event would be too long, as it was almost an hour in already, and then 4- 15 minute shows would make this a full two hours. However, how dissapointed was I when the entitre thing was over 10-15 minutes later? For the price of tickets that theatrescharge for these events, this was far too short. Talented People - Inventive concept! Not worth paying this much to see this without "more".
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By mike01701
Written August 28, 2015
Having participated in the 24 Hour Musicals, the subject of the film, I was curious whether/how the mood and intricacies would be captured. And they were! The people in the theater where I watched actually broke into a conversation after the show and all shared the palpitations and mood of the show. This was a great job from a capture-the-moment point of view.
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By ddrourr
Written July 30, 2015
If you love musical theater, this is a must see. Totally enjoyable. And educational as well. Too bad it wasn't marketed more generally. Only about 20 people in my theater. Fathom needs to advertise to others besides theater web sites. Have seen this problem before at other showings.
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