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By repstein
Written June 28, 2016
Ever wonder what it takes to make a broadwayshow? For the curious--and even for those who never thought about- you will want to see One Night Stand,. It's a cleverly edited behind-the-scenes view of the making of musicals. And they were all done within 24 hours. You''ll laugh, you'll fret along with the actors. And you'll enjoy snippets of the final product. This film is a motivator for anyone who writes, acts, or has ever tried to create anything. It's amazing what can be done when deadlines loom.
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If you love Broadway, you'll adore One Night Stand

By rememberember
Written May 25, 2016
What an entertaing movie! Viewing the process of the creative teams putting together a 15 minute musical in 24 hours is fascinating. Watching the actors struggle to learn it all and worry they won't gives one keen insight to their process. Seeing the finished product is amazing. See the movie.
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Folks who love team sports and/or stage productions should love this!

By mmendez921
Written October 01, 2016
I know - really unlikely combo, right? But the excitement of teams of artists fighting the clock is similar to watching a basketball game with the clock running out. Very exciting for anyone who has had to perform - and seeing a SNL professional improv actor sweating the stress of putting on a show with so little time adds to the excitement. Fun, Fun, FUN! Any kid working on a stage production could benefit from seeing it - it illustrates well that time constraints can truly be impossible, professionals can flub - and survive and still entertain! The fbombs abound, so be forewarned for the kiddos.
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Musical Comedy fun

By zedguy11
Written February 22, 2017
Just a great fun documentary about the 24 hour musical festival. Get a great inside glimpse into the artistic struggles of theatre artists and see the final products. FUNNY.
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One Night Stand

By fmak49
Written October 22, 2016
I was most disappointed in this movie. Much too much time was spent on the set-up for the movie. I expected to see the complete musical show. Instead, there were only very brief snippets of the four one act musical plays. The movie skipped around the four musicals, and it was difficult to follow what was happening because of all of the skipping around. I would not recommend this movie to any of my musical going friends or colleagues. There should have been some type of disclaimer before entering the movie stating that we would not actually see a complete musical play. For me this was a $29 waste of time, and I would like my money back.
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