ONE NIGHT STAND: Overnight Musicals Synopsis
A look behind the scenes of one of NYC’s best kept secrets - the unique world of the 24 hour theatrical production.

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By repstein
Ever wonder what it takes to make a broadwayshow? For the curious--and even for those who never thought about- you will want to see One Night Stand,. It's a cleverly edited behind-the-scenes view of...

If you love Broadway, you'll adore One Night Stand

By rememberember
What an entertaing movie! Viewing the process of the creative teams putting together a 15 minute musical in 24 hours is fascinating. Watching the actors struggle to learn it all and worry they...

Folks who love team sports and/or stage productions should love this!

By mmendez921
I know - really unlikely combo, right? But the excitement of teams of artists fighting the clock is similar to watching a basketball game with the clock running out. Very exciting for anyone who...

Musical Comedy fun

By zedguy11
Just a great fun documentary about the 24 hour musical festival. Get a great inside glimpse into the artistic struggles of theatre artists and see the final products. FUNNY....

One Night Stand

By fmak49
I was most disappointed in this movie. Much too much time was spent on the set-up for the movie. I expected to see the complete musical show. Instead, there were only very brief snippets of the...

Great Movie for Broadway lovers!

By pacoakleys
This was a fun movie. It is exciting to see some performers take on such a daunting task. Anyone who has ever been involved in the production of any type of show can understand the pressure, work and...

One Night Stand is One Big Ripoff

By jrobins
Good premise and shows how many really talented people there are in NYC alone but the movie did not do the process or the participants justice and cheated the audience out of a really good time....

Fantastic documentary about the creative process

By elaberwarren
"One Night Stand" is nail-biting, poignant and very funny--a depiction of the mysterious workings of the creative process and the gut-wrenching anxiety that comes with performing. The movie features...

really great for theatre lovers

By marisecakes
It was really fun and interesting to see. The only thing I did not like was the editing. They should have let us see each show in it's entirety. SO boo for the editing.. but the content was...

Musical Creation Magic

By showjunkie
Last night was one of the most impressive 75 min. of talent I've ever seen. I'm aware that theater is the most collaborative of the arts, but what these sleep deprived people were able to accomplish...

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