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One More Time With Feeling Synopsis
ONE MORE TIME WITH FEELING will be the first ever opportunity anyone will have to hear Skeleton Tree, the sixteenth studio album from Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

Movie Reviews

Beautiful and Heartbreaking

By chdurham30
This was painful to watch at times, and I definitely cried. Nevertheless, I am glad Nick Cave has honored us with insight into his terrible experience and how it has effected his work and family....


By shelleylynn222
This film was beautifully done. Such a touchy subject to document so honestly and without exploitation....

One More Time With Feeling

By llaneque
We all experience pain and profound distress, most of us sum it up with a platitude, most of us reduce the chaos into a greeting card line, as Nick Cave says in the movie… ‘He lives in my heart’…...

New album promotion turned out to be a great film.

By irrumba
Not sure I have much to put here... It's a very special, deep and touching movie....

More Intimate Than Just Feeling

By mcherry502
This is an unusual film, especially for a doc. The 3D factor combined with B&W blends so nicely with Cave's music. It's a circular theme, they do go around a lot, like they're trying to catch up to...