worth a look!

By themacway
Written January 28, 2012
fans of the book series will appreciate this much more than a casual movie goer. they probably should've pulled a george lucas and used a later book for the starting point of this 'possible' movie franchise. with critics universally trashing o-f-t-m, yet fans going in droves, there's no sequel guaranteed at this point. this is the polar opposite of a film like men who stare @ goats, which critics slobbered over and movie goers walked out of. i was one of those who bolted, as it was truly garbage. anyway, go see o-f-t-m for the story, then buy the book. a second movie, showing MUCH more of grandma mazur and lula, along with more explosions and stephanie's libido would make mucho dinero! here's hoping for a proper sequel...
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Read the book, Skip the Movie!

By bleudog
Written January 28, 2012
I wanted to like this movie! I have been waiting for months for it to come out. I usually don't write reviews, but as a huge fan of the series I was horribly disappointed. This film didn't even suffer from the usual "the plot is way different from the book" scenario, it was just flat. I realize everyone has different interpretations of what the characters of a book should look like, but I really don't know what the casting directors were thinking. The fake Jersey accents were awful and the humor and romantic tension between the characters did NOT translate onto the screen. No one in the theater managed even one laugh while watching this movie and that is sad considering the book made me laugh out loud most of the way through. The voice over narration throughout the movie was terrible! The only redeeming character was Lula, and Ranger wasn't bad. I cannot even recommend waiting for the DVD to come out. Just read the book again and enjoy it. Don't waste your time on this film!
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By pattybateman
Written January 28, 2012
Very well done. It was hard to capture all of the details of the complicated characters of the books, but they did a good job. The parts were all well played. Our audience laughed all the way through. It is fluff, but enjoyable fluff. Our group enjoyed it.
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Big screen, big hit

By simplykris
Written January 28, 2012
Had high hopes for this movie because I love JEvo's books. Not sure some of the actors where the right match for the character. Needed more Grandma Mazur action, Morelli a bit more "beefcakey", and Rangeman, who is a man of few words, spoke way too much. Good job on creating the story line and can't wait to see the next one on the big screen!
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One for the Money

By LizTamiso
Written January 28, 2012
I have so enjoyed all the Stephanie Plum books, and was really hoping that the casting could carry this story....somehow it just missed, with the exception of Lula. Katherine Heigel is just a little too nice....Ranger is not quite smoking hot, and Morelli is too old. I wish I had waited for the DVD to come to Red Box - this would be worth a dollar rental, but not the $ 11.50 the ticket cost (plus popcorn and a drink)
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