One for the Money Synopsis
A bounty hunter goes after her former high-school flame.
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worth a look!

By themacway
fans of the book series will appreciate this much more than a casual movie goer. they probably should've pulled a george lucas and used a later book for the starting point of this 'possible' movie...

Read the book, Skip the Movie!

By bleudog
I wanted to like this movie! I have been waiting for months for it to come out. I usually don't write reviews, but as a huge fan of the series I was horribly disappointed. This film didn't even...


By pattybateman
Very well done. It was hard to capture all of the details of the complicated characters of the books, but they did a good job. The parts were all well played. Our audience laughed all the way...

Big screen, big hit

By simplykris
Had high hopes for this movie because I love JEvo's books. Not sure some of the actors where the right match for the character. Needed more Grandma Mazur action, Morelli a bit more "beefcakey", and...

One for the Money

By LizTamiso
I have so enjoyed all the Stephanie Plum books, and was really hoping that the casting could carry this story....somehow it just missed, with the exception of Lula. Katherine Heigel is just a little...

Cute, similar to the books, but thin in a few places.

By OC Laurie
My friend and I bought cheap tickets on Groupon and dragged our husbands & young sons to see it. We're Plum fans. They're "Stephanie Who?" The book is full of laugh out loud funny characters....

One for the Money

By EmmaLeah05
Good flick to go see for men and women. Entertaining to both. Not too short, not too long. Wouldn't hurt to wait for it to come out on DVD but still worth the movie ticket $ for a nice date night....


By montegirl0326
I could watch Stephanie, Joe, and Ranger all day long. I loved how they put the story together and captured all the characteristics of these characters! My husband even liked it!...

Better than I expected

By idoc88
It is always risky going to a movie based on a popular book. I already have a clear view of the characters in my mind, and the story is already set. Having said that, I did enjoy this movie. I...

One for the Money, show for two

By cecilia_regal
Date movie, This is a fun, Romantic comedy infused with action, and violence. Just the right combination to keep guys in the seat next to you. It's funny and serious. worth seeing....

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Rated PG-13 | For Violence, sexual references and language, some drug material and partial nudity.
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Common Sense Media says Lackluster bounty hunter romp has some startling violence.
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