Loved It!

By derrylsmith
Written July 29, 2014
Love this band, love that my daughter loves this band and I hope they continue doing what they do. The movie was perfect. I enjoyed it, but not like her of course. She'll be going again next weekend!
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This is Us...a.k.a Best Movie Ever!

By wonderstruck172
Written August 31, 2013
I'm a directioner already but this movie was amazayn! Even if I wasn't a fan I would fall in love with them from watching this movie! The excitement leading up to the movie was absolutely worth it in everyway!
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GOOD and very appropriate from a parent

By srloomis1
Written August 31, 2013
As a parent, I give this movie an A+. It was a great way to make 1D accessible for all fans of various social economic status. I know I wouldn't feel comfortable with my daughter going to a concert so this was the next best thing. The movie was so enjoyable. Appropriate language and appropriate dress. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The girls in our movie theatre were screaming and seemed to enjoy as much as if 1D were in the theatre itself. I like this band. The boys are good models for young teens and as a parent I appreciate that. Also no swearing-that's why I give it an A+! Sue Loomis, mother of 12 y/old and chauffeur for two other 12 y/old girls.
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This is Us = This is AMAZING

By cammie198
Written September 01, 2013
One Direction outdid themselves with this movie. I was already a huge fan before, but this made me love them 100 times more than I did. They show them being normal lads and wanting to live a normal live after this is all over. I enjoyed all of the concert scenes because I didn't get to go to their concert. They are true heroes and are my role models. Even if you are not a fan of One Direction, you should go and see what all the hype is about. I bet after the movie that you will respect them and might even become a directioner.
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1Direction This is Us

Written August 30, 2013
I only went because my 10 yr old wanted to see it. I actually ended up enjoying it. I liked how they did the background of the guys and then also gave their parents point of view of the whole thing. It was all about family and how much they like each other. I was prepared to play on my phone the whole time but never even turned it on. She wants to go again with her friend so I will be more than happy to take them!
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