By mikemattivi
Written April 21, 2015
Brokeback Mountain is a fantasy team for the ages defying all odds one victory at a time.
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Occasionally charming, but mostly aimless

By WillBoiss
Written April 21, 2015
Watching this film, I was reminded of THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, in that both films had me thinking, "What justified turning this true story into a movie?" Both films wander semi-aimlessly through their respective subjects' lives, doing some fictionalizing here and there in mostly ineffectual attempts to make up for the inherent dullness in the real life stories. However, ONE CHANCE is superior to THEORY in many ways, starting with the better likability of the two leads and the authenticity of their love story. And while ONE CHANCE resembles THEORY in its meandering episodic nature, this film wisely spends more time developing each plot point than THEORY does. Overall, ONE CHANCE has all of the cheesiness and most of the charm that one would expect from a film with the ridiculously generic tagline, "the incredible true story of an underdog who never gave up." (Seriously, was somebody actually paid to come up with that?)
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