once upon a time

By viceroy
Written March 27, 2015
A magical fairy tale, very similar in concept to the old Whistle Down The Wind. Haunting music. Great acting. Tells the story of a supposed Selkie(?) or sea nymph (Ondine) caught in a fisherman's net, but who is really (and obviously) trying to avoid being caught by police. It focuses a lot on the relationship between the daughter and Ondine. It's a simple story told delightfully and, if you let it, will draw you in to all its levels. I particularly liked it when Colin Farrell tells the story of his catching the Selkie to his daughter and starts it "Once Upon a Time" cleverly reflecting the Fairy Tale nature of the complete movie story.
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I could watch Colin Farrel with the sound off . . .

By Calylily
Written June 06, 2010
however, and unfortunately, there nothing that could have saved this movie. This was a tough movie to watch . . .the script was flat, the direction was flat . . .Colin did an ok job with what he had to work with, but the french girl's acting (Alicja Bachleda) ability never arrived on time to help him out. The little girl (Alison Barry) was a whirlwind of a lifesaver for this film, but even she could not completely save it. It's a great premise, but the pieces just did not fit . . .wiggling in my seat waiting for something, anything to happen to keep me there. The photography was excellent and Colin's wife gave a great performance. I admit I only stayed for the likes of Colin Farrell who is definitely not hard to look at, and usually a charm to watch his acting. There was just no depth to his character as written and as a result the movie moved around aimlessly. . . but, I can tell you this - this flim would never have gotten to California without him. . . it was a disappointment.
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great story and acting

By davidintc
Written July 04, 2010
full of suspense, original story, great kid actor, unlike all these kid actors that are awful. why did this only get a so so average? trust ME, go see it. check back for my other reviews!
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Five Word Review

By FlickChickstoo
Written June 27, 2010
Delightful Charming Funny intelligent Cinema
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Five Word Review

By cookiedoughead
Written June 03, 2010
Wow! Awesome love relationships cinematography
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